His Parents Gave Him A 1965 Chevy Pick Up For Graduation. Wait Until You See Its Transformation. WOW

VIA| Minnesota native Luke Merrill couldn’t have been more excited when he graduated high school and received a family heirloom as a gift. This wasn’t a watch, a brooch or even a coin collection – instead Merrill received a 1965 Chevy C-10 half-ton pickup truck, a family treasure for over 20 years.

From the very first picture Luke shares in the following video, you can see how dinged up this old truck is. But Luke isn’t just going to let it rust away, instead deciding to put all his love and effort into turning it into the vehicle of his dreams!

Just over three and a half minutes of the following restoration video is dedicated to showing you just how awful the truck that Merrill started with was, but that does make the restoration itself that much more impressive.

Despite looking like it came out of a junkyard, Merrill is devoted to restoring this classic pickup. First he covers the windows and wheels with newspapers, then gives the entire body a clean coat of primer.

The truck really starts to take shape once he paints on the glossy red color and the Chevy comes out looking like it just came off the assembly line in 1965! While Merrill fully admits that the old truck definitely needs some work under the hood, it’s impossible not to admire his impeccable paint job.

Do you think restoring an old truck like this is worth it, or is it a better idea just to get a new car? Sound off in the comments!