VIA| Seeing brave and dedicated members of America’s military being forced to stand humiliated by Iran while their own Commander in Chief ignores their plight and extols the virtues of their captors was more than actor James Woods could take.

“When I see Americans on their knees at gunpoint by Iranians, it makes me sick. Shame on you, ‪#BarackObama. ‪#IranDeal,” Woods tweeted. “All jawboning by‪#Kerry and other numbskulls aside, this photo will forever represent the disaster that was ‪#Obama.” He also tweeted the humiliating image of captive American sailors standing mutely on the deck of an Iranian ship.

Woods rose to the sailors’ defense when one follower said the sailors deserved punishment.

“No, they absolutely do not. Their CIC is a born appeaser and apologist. The fish rots from the head. ‪#ObamaFail ‪#IranDeal.” he tweeted. “For the record this failure is the Commander-in-Chief’s. It was in no way the failure of our brave sailors. We support our military.”

Woods said the humiliation the sailors endured was due to Obama’s leadership.

“Under ‪#BarackObama an American sailor was forced to wear a hijab. That’s an incontrovertible fact and a symbol of this ‪#failed presidency,” Woods wrote.

Woods has long opposed Obama’s nuclear treaty with Iran.

Obama held hostage: How Iran’s using the nuke deal as license to go wild,” Woods tweeted about the deal in November.

“Obama has gone from complete presidential failure to absolute embarrassment,” wrote Michael Cantrell on Young Conservatives. “Whenever he comes on TV, I find myself hanging my head in shame, like a kid with an overbearing mom who shows up in the middle of a date with the prom queen.”

“Unfortunately, the rest of the world is taking great pleasure in laughing at us, forgetting the days when we were the absolute super power of the world, a force not to be reckoned with,” Cantrell wrote.