ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – I suppose that unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 48 hours, you’ve already heard about the worst mass shooting in U.S. history that happened between 2am and 5am on Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida.  Just to recap, the death toll is now 50+ killed, and at least 53 injured, at the hands of a lone Muslim gunman who walked into a gay nightclub called The Pulse in Orlando and started shooting everyone on the dance floor just as the bar was closing at 2am.

It has been confirmed that the killer, Omar Mateen, is a Muslim who has sworn allegiance to ISIS.  ISIS has cheered the attack and the only question is whether Mateen acted as a “Lone Wolf” terrorist, or whether the attack was at the direction of ISIS.  Mateen wore a suicide vest, indicating there may have been material support for the attack by ISIS.  Mateen claimed he was incensed by having to witness gay men kissing each other on the streets of Orlando in front of his family, a wife born in Uzbekistan, and a 3 year old son.  Mateen was born in New York City to Afghan parents.  He went to liberal public schools that touted gun control, diversity, and no salt.  He even majored in criminal justice, was trained in firearms and he worked as a security guard. 


Another Muslim Killer with the same Dead Soulless Eyes

This simply proves that there is no education or cultural training that is guaranteed to overcome the ideological toxin that is Islam, and every Muslim is a literal ticking time bomb to those around them, only one reading of the Koran away from strapping on a suicide vest and shooting up anyone deemed to not be living properly according to Islam.  No Infidels (non-Muslims) are safe around Muslims.

But I’m sure that what the Obama Administration and the Left Stream Media will focus on is the fact that Mateen used an AR-15 and had a hand gun in his possession when he perpetrated the attack.  I’m also sure that the obvious role that Islamic ideology played in motivating the attack will be downplayed or ignored.

It shouldn’t be.  Obama is at this very moment opening the flood gates to Syrian “rapefugee” immigration into the United States.  One hundred or more Syrians are being shipped into the United States by Obama PER DAY.  Per day, and they are all Muslims and almost all men of military age.  There is little to vetting of these people, who are doubtless either actual Jihadists, or ideologically supportive of Jihad and radical Islam.  That is why they were fighting Assad in Syria to begin with.

And if these “migrants” don’t decide to shoot you at your local shopping mall one day soon, they might be killing you with Tuberculosis or some Flesh Eating Bacteria that they are bringing in with them fresh off the sand dunes where they come from.

The Left, or I should say in more detail, the Marxist, Eugenicist, Luciferian, Left, is done using the LGBT’s to destroy the Christian family.  Homosexual marriage is meant to be the final nail in the coffin on Christian, monogamous, marriage.  It is the climax of an assault that began with divorce laws that made marriage an insanely bad deal for men, cultural feminism that has made relationships so toxic between men and women that it has given rise to the MGTOW movement, and sexual identity politics that have made even going to the restroom an unsafe and potentially traumatizing and terrorizing experience.

Now that the useful idiot LBGTQ’s usefulness is done, the Left has no problem bringing in the next bio-weapon (Radical and even not so “radical” Islam) in the war against America.  They don’t care how many useful idiots are collateral damage.  Get ready, Gays and Lesbians, for your cries and complaints to be ignored in the halls of government and the government run media.  Get ready for the victim blaming you will get, as in “it’s your fault for kissing each other in public”—-just like it’s the fault of young women in Europe for dressing provocatively in public for all the raping going on there now at the hands of Muslim gangs.

Christians were pushovers to bully.  All you had to do was to appeal to their sense of fairness and justice and guilt them into doing what you wanted.  The Muslims don’t care about treating you fairly.  They don’t feel apologetic about their pogroms on homosexuals.  In fact, an imam speaking in Orlando in April said that killing gays according to Islamic law should be done “out of compassion”:

Get ready for the next special sacred cow minority group, the Muslims, to be the top dogs on the victimhood totem pole.  Gays, your time has come and gone.  Your usefulness as a cudgel to be used against straight Christian White Men is past.  The Left is ready for the next phase, an actual Balkanization of America and a shooting Civil War.  Just like the chaos that has been unleashed on Europe. 

The Left doesn’t care how many gay eggs it has to break to make this omelet.  Just wait until there are enough Muslims here to create those No Go Zones that they have in Europe.  Then they’ll have the time to really enjoy killing gays slowly, like they do back home in the Middle East where they throw gays off of tall roof tops one by one. 

The real EVIL is just getting started.  Obama and the ‘Rats were never your friends.  You should have been listening to Milo Yiannopoulos trying to warn you, instead of shouting him down.