House Select Committee on Benghazi Initial Impressions: Democrats – Hiding Behind the Big Lie

ELDER PATRIOT – Watching the House Select Committee on Benghazi question Hillary Clinton today showed just what a political scam the Democratic Party has devolved into since Bill Clinton became the titular figurehead of the New Democrat Coalition.  In a sickening display of partisanship every Democrat member of the committee used their time either to attack the Chairman Trey Gowdy or to ask questions of Mrs. Clinton aimed at resurrecting her politically, or both. 

By contrast, in the early 1970’s the Senate Watergate Committee was empowered with investigating then President Richard Nixon.  The committee’s ranking minority Republican Member at that time was Howard Baker.  It was only under intense questioning by Mr. Baker that Mr. Nixon incriminated himself to the point that Mr. Baker eventually approached the president privately to ask for his resignation. 

The Clinton’s cleansing of any remnants of ethics and morality from the Democratic Party began the day they arrived in Washington in 1992 and is now apparently complete.  Not a single member of the party has thought it important that Mrs. Clinton be required to explain any of the discrepancies that surround her handling of this situation. 

Instead every member of the Democratic Party has attacked the process and the investigators rather than seeking the truth.  The truth, by the way, that could clear Mrs. Clinton if it led that way and could’ve strengthened Mrs. Clinton’s political prospects moving forward with her presidential campaign. 

The Democratic Party now survives by destroying the messengers, the investigators and the prosecutors of their misdoings, and by trivializing their own transgressions.