ELDER PATRIOT – Dreams that end badly are nightmares.  In their efforts to secure electoral victory in perpetuity this is exactly what every Democrat and too many Republicans have planned for both the “Dreamers” they are welcoming and for you.

With job growth stalled and more Americans out of work than at anytime in the history of our country, it’s unfathomable to think that anyone looking to protect American citizens and the new wave of immigrants that are already here can do it by bringing in even more “dreamers” behind them.  As corporations use immigrant labor (both legal and illegal) to suppress wage growth here in the United States they continue to move increasingly more jobs offshore in an effort to grow profits.  Even the most ignorant immigrant will soon realize that they are subject to the same lack of employment opportunity and wage suppression that has plagued American workers as more “dreamers” arrive behind them. 

The truth is liberal politicians care no more for the immigrant class than they do for half the population who are politically right-of-center.  Their intent is increased government dependency that invariably results in more Democratic voters because those dependent on government programs vote for their personal survival rather than to create opportunity for those who would seek it.  This kills the golden goose in the process.

As government grows, taxes and the regulatory environment grow along with it raising the cost of doing business for American-based corporations and diminishing the value to those invested in them.  Already, trillions of dollars have been moved offshore by corporations and individuals in an effort to avoid the onerous tax consequences that keeping it in the United States has as its penalty.  That money is waiting to be repatriated if the investment environment improves (lower taxes,) or invested overseas, forever taking those opportunities with it.  The clock is ticking because that money won’t sit idle for long.

The result of more rich people investing their money outside of the United States has and will continue to be lessened investment in new or expanded businesses on our shores meaning the jobs that could’ve and should’ve been created here will be created elsewhere.  Democrats insist of blaming “selfish” rich people for this.  Of course the working people who benefit from this investment overseas see these rich investors in a different light.

So, while Democrats campaign on helping “Dreamers” with allowing virtually limitless immigration and on stirring up resentment for “rich people” who they claim aren’t paying “their fare share” of taxes, the fact is nothing could be further from the truth or more damaging to the economic well-being of those already here.

A study by the Tax Foundation revealed that, the top one percent of individual taxpayers paid fifty percent of the total federal income taxes last year.  That was more federal income taxes than the bottom 90 percent of taxpayers paid.  Think about that for a short moment. 

If only one percent of the richest people decide to move their asset bases outside of the United Stated your taxes will necessarily more than double.  Corporate relocation to foreign countries will compound the problem severely as the taxes they pay and the jobs they create leave with them.  Even with today’s lop-sided tax burden, debt has risen over one trillion dollars annually since America’s lurch to the left in 2008. 

Using envy to sway the vote of sympathetic Americans has long been a ploy that liberals use to get elected.  America’s growing income disparity was effectively used to get Barack Obama elected.  Income disparity is much greater today than when Obama was running for office, but rather than blame the policies they’ve instituted over the past seven years Leftist politicians continue their campaign to turn us into a third-world economy reminiscent of our Central and South American neighbors whose citizens are fleeing their homelands and coming here.

Income disparity has and always will be a condition of a free and prosperous economy due in great extent to people’s varying degrees of intellect, education, physical abilities, creativity, and personal incentive among other factors.  That is the nature of the Bell Curve that represents the normal distribution of outcomes for large numbers of occurrences.

The important difference during previous administrations was the economic position of every group of Americans improved.  That is no longer the case as the middle class is shrinking and government programs helping the poor has become the nation’s fastest growth industry.  We last saw this condition when Jimmy Carter was president.

The problems we face today are the direct result of the policies of liberal politicians who are always promising to “fix” things with just a “little more” government.  Those trusting the Democrats to fix the problems that their policies have created are dreaming.  They will be awakened by a nightmare.