Hillary Clinton Is Single Handedly Bringing Down The New World Order

ELDER PATRIOT – After spending her entire life working towards a one-world government, Hillary Clinton might well become the woman who brings the New World Order movement to a screeching, if only temporary, halt.

This is because there is mounting evidence that Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal is spread amongst a whole lot more of her associates and government officials than first thought and most likely reaches all the way to President Obama.  Even if President Obama didn’t know of Mrs. Clinton’s unlawful acts, he should’ve known.  To claim he didn’t know, President Obama would be denying his role as the Commander-in-Chief and the oath he swore to protect and defend the sovereignty of the United States of America.

No matter how hard the mainstream media tries to whitewash the facts surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s violation of the Espionage Act there are still responsible conservatives in positions of power who are dedicated to protecting our nation’s sovereignty and who will keep the pressure on until the whole truth has been exposed.  Aiding them will be the ever-increasing number of people who have been involved in the scandal.  At least one person is likely to make a deal to save him or herself from prosecution.

At some point the mainstream media will have to join in the feeding frenzy that will become Mrs. Clinton’s legacy, because they must preserve the reportorial bona fides that the majority of Americans still attach to them.  Too much money and effort has been invested in ownership of the mainstream media to allow it to discredit itself because of its silence on what to them is just an unseemly incident.  Those guiding the direction of mainstream media reporting will content themselves in taking the long view.  They have demonstrated incredible patience in the past and that is not likely to change.

Mrs. Clinton will become a casualty along their inexorable march towards their new world order.  Even if Mrs. Clinton were to survive in some fashion, a number of her accomplices will be taking the fall and she’ll be badly damaged as a politician going forward.

The mainstream media will make itself content pointing to their attack on Mrs. Clinton as proof that they are even-handed in their reporting of the news.  Of course, the timing of their reporting will prove that is bullshit.  The fact that they have waited for the alternative media to turn up the heat on Mrs. Clinton before beginning any serious investigative reporting proves differently.

As this story unfolds, the backlash for protecting our national sovereignty will likely swell and is most likely to carry Donald Trump, the lone candidate to have addressed the issue of our sovereignty, even higher in the polls.  Should Trump actually win the presidency and govern as he has promised on the campaign trail, the New World Order Movement will be derailed for now with Mrs. Clinton being the cause.

Ain’t karma great?