How Obama & Hillary Sold Out America

ELDER PATRIOT – Corruption is so deeply rooted in the Obama administration and supported by the participating Republican majority in both houses of Congress that it is beyond naïve to expect any illegal behavior to be fully investigated much less punished.

This is the result of the American people returning the same players to positions of power in Washington (and elsewhere) without regard to their voting records, adherence to the Constitution, or personal behavior.  Familiarity breeds contempt.  In this case decades of familiarity between long-seated politicians of both parties has bred outright contempt for the American taxpayer.

Perhaps all of this started with the presidency of Bill Clinton when he boldly declared the Monica Lewinski affair a distraction and that he had “to get back to work for the American people.”  Until that time office holders confronted with public disgrace resulting from their improper behavior resigned and disappeared from the public arena.  President Clinton was incapable of feeling disgrace and with the help of the Rockefeller Mediacracy threw a Hail Mary pass with that public statement.  When the sycophants who supported him rallied behind him it marked a turning point in the respect that politicians gave to their constituents.  Outward disrespect of the offices they held and for the people they represented became commonplace.

Unfortunately, this contempt has spread like a cancer and is no longer limited solely to the politicians themselves.  It has become endemic to the entire political structure.  From high-level donors to unions to corporate and banking interests to foreign governments to staffers everyone is feeding off of the U.S. taxpayer with the brazenness that comes with impunity from prosecution.

Take the case of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the security breach they orchestrated during the time Mrs. Clinton served as Obama’s Secretary of State.  During Mrs. Clinton’s entire tenure at the State Department there was no Inspector General in place. 

The office of Inspector General exists to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct.  Why the president allowed the State Department to operate for parts of five years without oversight, especially given Mrs. Clinton’s checkered past, is a question he should be made to answer. 

When Mrs. Clinton left the State Department an Inspector General suddenly was appointed and immediately uncovered evidence of wrongdoing but Obama’s head of the Department of Justice refused to investigate it further. 

The head of DOJ at the time was Eric Holder who has close ties to both Clintons having served in Bill Clinton’s administration.  While Holder’s involvement provides Obama with plausible deniability as to his involvement in this matter, common sense coupled with recent decisions by his administration dictate a different conclusion.

How Obama Got What He Wanted

Obama has consistently demonstrated his dislike for Israel if not an outright hatred of the Middle East’s only democracy.  The recent “agreement” with Iran to give the world’s leading sponsor of terror $100 billion and a clear path to nuclear weapons should remove any remaining doubts about Obama’s decision to redefine our relationships in that region of the world.  That includes marginalizing our relationship with Israel.

Likewise, his corporate donors have little concern for the tiny nation that holds less than five percent of the region’s population and is dwarfed by the financial and natural resource potential of the much larger Middle East market.  For Obama, Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was the perfect mechanism for exchanging classified email communications with foreign entities while having someone else to blame.

How Mrs. Clinton Got What She Wanted

Hillary Clinton wants money.  In a previous article we documented how her husband’s speaking fee increased three-fold the day she became Secretary of State.  It’s hard to imagine that an ex-president’s value would increase in that situation unless the increased payments came with a quid pro quo that Madame Hillary would use her new position to provide “favors” in return.

It’s also a virtual certainty that Hillary Clinton’s top aide, who has close ties to Arab extremists, Huma Abedin made sure Israel’s secrets were exposed to her enemies and that Mrs. Clinton was improperly compensated for it.

For their part, Republican leadership who refused to do anything more than pay lip service to these wholly illegal transgressions these events stand as proof that they are somehow participants in all of this.  Whether for financial reward or in response to blackmail or extortion, or any combination thereof, the acquiescence of McConnell, Boehner and the Republican Party’s majority is proof that all of these long serving reprobates have the highest contempt for us and stands as proof that they all must be removed in November of 2016.