ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – I spent the weekend thinking about what I going to write about concerning the Pope attacking Donald Trump, but now that a whole weekend has gone by, there’s not much else to say on the subject.  Ben Shapiro had the best line in the blogosphere, where he wrote a piece entitled “Mr. Pope, Tear Down This Wall!”  Not to take anything for granted, I will digress for a moment to explain to the uninformed that this was an allusion to President Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where he famously said of the Berlin Wall:  “Mr. Gorbachev (the last Soviet Premier), tear down this wall!”  A year after Reagan left office, the Berlin Wall did come down on November 9th, 1989.  A friend of mine gave me a small plaque that she made, with a piece of that wall affixed to the plaque, with the date etched in.  I still keep that plaque on a shelf in my office today.

This was a very different thing when Reagan called for the Berlin Wall to come down.  This was in the cause of liberation and spreading freedom to the world.  This was a call to bring down a great tyranny, and an evil empire that was forced to keep its people in by turning itself into a vast prison state.  The Pope’s call against America building a wall to protect itself is a call for America to commit national suicide—culturally, financially, and linguistically.  The Pope’s call for America to not build a wall is a call for the last, best hope for humanity to be destroyed.  It is a call for that bright, shining City on a Hill (as Reagan referred to America) to be plundered, looted, and razed to the ground.

The backlash against the Pope has been severe among Americans.  9 to 1 against was the result of a phone in poll to a New York radio station I listened to Saturday morning.

Ronald Reagan, Präsident der USA, während einer Rede am Brandenburger Tor: "Mr. Gorbatschow. Open this Gate! Mr. Gorbatschow, tear down this wall!" (vorn v.r.: Eberhard Diepgen, Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin; Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl; 3.v.l.: Philipp Jenninger, Präsident des Deutschen Bundestages).

Since the era of the Cold War, border walls have not enjoyed a good reputation.  Mostly this is because Communist countries used them to keep their oppressed subjects IN, who wanted desperately to escape these hell holes.  North Korea still has one in place, complete with a minefield and sniper posts, even though communism everywhere else around the globe is recognized as intellectually and morally bankrupt…except in the fevered swamps of American university faculty rooms, the Obama White House, and the Bernie Sanders campaign.

But not all walls deserve a bad rap.  Israel finally built a wall to keep crazed, genocidal Palestinian trash at bay, and this has saved many lives.  Donald Trump is right that we need a wall on our Southern Border, and we had better order up one for our Northern Border too, since that nitwit trust fund baby Trudeau decided to take in 60,000 plus alleged Syrian refugees, who are probably half Al-Qaeda and ISIS who are going to make a bee line to cross into the United States the first chance they get.  The Canadians are clueless rubes, who had school children sing an Arabic song welcoming their migrants, and then it turned out to be a Muslim song of conquest.  An Imam in Alberta gave a speech in Arabic that was posted to Youtube, while Canadians sat around with smiles on their faces like mindless dolts, and wouldn’t you know it was an exhortation for the arriving Muslims to take up Jihad and start killing infidels. 

Oh yes, but the Canadians love to sneer at we backwards, uncouth Americans, clinging to our guns and our God, rather than embrace their socialism and the trendy European fad of cultural suicide that is going around today.  No thanks.  We’ll see how smug you look when Ottawa is burning.  Fools.  And I’m allowed to call Canadians fools, because I’m only 3 generations removed from being one myself.


Then there is the Vatican, which is surrounded completely by medieval walls, in some places as much as 200 feet high, and never less than 40 feet high.  The Vatican has taken in a grand total of two refugees so far, so the Pope’s attack on Trump was an Epic Fail once his own hypocrisy was highlighted.  I only wish we will get walls on our American borders that are as high and as thick as the Vatican’s.  Have you seen these walls?  You could bounce cannon balls off of them!

Notice the precise language that Pope Francis used.  You know, he could have gotten away with merely opining that he didn’t think Donald Trump’s immigration policies would make him a good Catholic.  But, no, this Pope had to go all the way and impugn Donald Trump’s personal faith in Jesus Christ.  This coming from the man who infamously said “who am I to judge?” when the subject was homosexual marriage.

I don’t claim to be anywhere in the same league, as a theologian, as the Jesuit trained Il Papa (did you know it violates canon law for a Jesuit to be Pope, by the way?) but last time I checked the New Testament, Jesus confined his teachings, and his exhortations, to we as individuals!  Beyond the cryptic “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and render unto God what is God’s”, Jesus never embroiled himself in politics.  He never made a ministry out of preaching what governments should do, only what we as individuals should do! Governments, and our Republic especially, are not supposed to be engaged in charity.  They are supposed to look after the welfare and security of their own citizens.  It is a breach of government’s fiduciary duty to its taxpayers when it spends taxpayer money on charity for foreigners.  Government has no business doing that at all.  Charity is for individuals, not for governments to have vanity projects with other people’s money, and not to put their citizens’ safety at risk over it, either.

But the Pope’s attack on Trump wasn’t really about theology, it was about money.  Specifically, it was about protecting the money stream, in the millions of dollars, that Catholic Charities is getting from the Obama Regime to house and feed the millions of illegals that he is shipping into this country to change our voting demographics, and keep the ‘Rats in power in D.C.  If Trump succeeds in getting elected and building a wall, the Pope knows that is a money spigot from Washington that is going to get turned off.  It’s a twofer for Pope Francis, because all those illegals from Central and South America that he and Obama are human trafficking in fill the pews of flagging churches in this country, and fill the collection coffers of the Catholic Church with the jobs they steal from Americans.

So what I want to do today with this column is to exhort all the conservative American Catholics to pick a particular weekend coming up…I’m in a melodramatic mood, so let’s pick Easter Sunday.  This Easter Sunday, if you were offended by the Pope saying that “anyone who wants to build a border wall instead of bridges isn’t a Christian”, then don’t put any money in the collection plate, box, or basket.  Easter Sunday is usually one of the big annual money makers for the Catholic Church (besides Christmas).  I know this because once upon a time I was a member of the Finance Council to a parish I used to go to, and I saw the numbers on the books.

Send a message to that Socialist Pretender sitting on Saint Peter’s throne that we don’t appreciate his sticking his big hooked nose into our political affairs, and we don’t especially care for his corrupting and sullying the moral authority of the Church in order to do a hit and run drive by political attack, to help his pet cause of World Socialism!