How The Mainstream Media Distorts Debate

ELDER PATRIOT – All over the country rags calling themselves serious daily newspapers are carrying the administration’s water in defense of President Obama’s reckless and illegal executive amnesty for admitting refugees of unknown origin and intent into our country.

New Jersey’s largest daily The Star-Ledger leads with this question for their headline: “Can a governor reject refugees?”  This is their lead story in response to Governor Christie’s declaration that Jersey will not accept any Syrian migrants.

The Ledger then goes on to cite “legal scholars” who rely on previously twisted Supreme Court rulings as a basis for furthering the president’s conversion of the Constitution into a suicide pact.

While these “legal scholars” are trying to dazzle us with bullshit it is important to know that all laws stem from, and must be consistent, with the Constitution as it was written and ratified.  Radical liberals have used convoluted and questionable Supreme Court decisions, and unchallenged legislative initiatives, to build the series of legal precepts that these radical leftist “legal experts” are relying on to destroy our sovereignty and, in the process, America’s greatness.

One of the original guarantees for protecting the American people that directly addresses this conflict between Governor Christie and President Obama is the Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Subsequent laws passed by self-serving legislators and signed by corrupt presidents cannot trump this original protection that was intended to act as a counter-balance to a tyrannical federal government.  Building on false premises to support a false premise does not lay the groundwork for an enduring republic and can only be viewed as the work of dictators who fear the people and not governors who represent them.