Hurry Up & CHECK ALL OF YOUR CHANGE. A Man Found THIS Nickel & It’s Worth $3,000,000! DO YOU HAVE ONE?

VIACoin collects will pay exorbitant prices to get their hands on rare and out-of-print currency. And with only five of its kind in the world, once this nickel came out of a closet after three decades – it sold for millions.

The 1913 Liberty Head nickels are “one of America’s most famous rare coins,” coin expert Todd Imhof said before this one sold for millions at auction.

Before the coin in this story was sold at the Heritage Rare Coin Auction in 2013, it went through a journey better than fiction.

When coin collector George Walton died in a car accident in 1962, everyone believed that his prized possession – the rare Liberty Head nickel – had gone out with the crash too.


“For years, even decades people have walked along that highway of the scene of the crash with metal detectors looking for this coin, this is true,” coin expert Paul Montgomery told KFOR.

Allegedly, Walton’s sister, Melva Givens received the coin after the crash, but was told it was a fake. But it was the real deal. Melva kept it in her closet until she died in 1992.

After an epic journey, the rare coin finally got into the hands of Ryan Myers, Melva’s son. At that point, Ryan and his siblings brought the American rare coin to the Heritage Rare Coin Auction – where it sold for more than $3 million.

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