I Did NOT UNDERSTAND WHY People Were SO PROUD Of THESE Photos. Then The Camera PANS DOWN …

VIA| There are events that can change a person’s life forever which occur in a matter of seconds.  A matter of seconds was all it took to change bikini model Paola Antonini France Costa’s life when she was struck by a drunk driver.

Paola was rushed to the hospital, but despite efforts to make sure she was okay, Paola had to get her leg amputated which changed her life in a way she would have never expected.

This is Paola Antonini France Costa, the 21 year old model from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  After Christmas in 2014, she had to get her leg amputated due to injuries.

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People were shocked when they saw the lower half of her body.

Antonio Tadeu Franca Costa, the father of Paola commented, “We are traumatized by what happened to my daughter and when we are totally focused on her recovery, asking everyone to pray a lot for her.”


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Well, the prayers for Paola have certainly been answered!  She is doing amazing and is on a path to full recovery.


Paola was also initially devastated by her prosthetic leg.  She would hide it whenever possible, however she overcame the initial lifestyle change and now has a popular Instagram account showing her amazing abilities.

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Paola’s Instagram account has gained over 608,000 followers, and she is inspiring people around the world on a daily basis.


Pictures of her swimming, having fun, and meeting special people in life has inspired other amputees to go out and make the best of their situation.

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She has received scores of messages thanking her for her inspiring message that she sends.


“Paola… thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m going through a tough time for health reasons, and seeing your photos and videos, you inspire me to fight and always try to look on the bright side!”


Keep going strong, and helping the world Paola!

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