"I LOVE MY WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE!" Video is Going CRAZY Viral, You'll Quickly see why… LIBERALS Are DEFINITELY Going To HATE THIS …

VIA| Liberal race baiters love to repeatedly bash on straight, white men over the mythical “privilege” these wackadoos seem to think we have.

Well, one YouTube political commentator apparently had enough of the shenanigans and decided to create a video that is totally setting the Internet on fire.

Check this out.

From Daily Wire:

YouTube political commentator Paul Joseph Watson just released a new video (above) tackling what he sees as the unjust burden heaped onto the shoulders of Caucasian men called “white male privilege.” His fiery rant has already racked up over 64 thousand views since its publication yesterday.

The term “white male privilege,” for those who don’t know, is what the Left defines as social, economic, and political advantages or rights made available to white men solely on the basis of their sex and race. The Left hurls that phrase at any white male who dares question with facts the validity of any of their insane stances.

“I love my white male privilege,” says Watson. “I love being made to feel collective white guilt for the slave trade even though whites were the first in the world to end the slave trade.”

He continues, repeating the phrase, “I love being made to feel collective white guilt for the slave trade,” and pointing out that:

-Whites were the first to encourage everyone else in the world to end the slave trade.

-The Islamic slave trade was far more brutal and lasted much longer.

-The Islamic slave trade murdered over 112 million black people.

-More whites were enslaved by Muslims than the number of blacks enslaved by whites.

Whew! That’s hardcore right there.

I imagine this guy is getting all sorts of hate mail over this video, but man does he ever bring up some super valid points.

Look, I’m not into superficial divisions like skin color. I don’t care what race you are. In my eyes, you’re an image bearer of God who deserves respect and honor, period.

However, since I, too, am made in the image of God, I’d hope others would feel the same about me.

I don’t expect special treatment for being white. That’s just silly.

Plus, being white and a man has never helped me get anywhere.

I was once in poverty, and thanks to modern technology and the Internet, I was able to build a successful career for myself, all without most of my clients ever seeing my face.

Hard work and sacrifice is responsible for my success. Not “white privilege.”

How about we focus on character instead of race? I feel that’s a better way to examine the fruit of each other’s lives than skin color, wouldn’t you agree?