I Was Eating At In-N-Out When I LOOKED AT THE BOTTOM OF MY CUP Of My Cup And Saw THIS MESSAGE Written On It … AWESOME!

VIA| Do you know that In-N-Out Burger is a company with Christian values? It’s been rated as one of the top Christian companies in the country.

Besides being ranked as the number one “limited-service” restaurant in America, the Christian-values company has been printing Bible verses on their packaging since the 1980s. Maybe being Christian is one of their secrets to success.

If you want to see the Bible verse on the In-N-Out merchandise, all you have to do is flip over your cup or look at the back of your hamburger wrapper.

The verses range from Proverbs to John to Revelation.

While under the direction of Rich Snyder, the president of In-N-Out at the time, the company started printing the Bible verses on their products. The company wanted to emphasize their Christian beliefs and share them with their customers.

People around the country have been proudly sharing photos of their In-N-Out cups and burger wrappers on Twitter and other social media sites. People are excited that Christianity has a prominent place at the restaurant.

How do you feel about In-N-Out’s method of sharing their Christian faith? Should more businesses owners do something similar?


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