ELDER PATRIOT – The protests that we witnessed tonight in Chicago that effectively deprived Donald Trump and at least ten thousand of his followers of their free speech rights was orchestrated on orders from the billionaire elites who have vowed to stop at nothing to derail Trump’s bid for the presidency.

At their recent meeting held on Sea Isle, Georgia that was attended by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan, an entire agenda was put forth to stop Trump and that included inciting civil unrest.

The opening salvo against Trump was a one hundred million dollar advertising fund to run negative ads against him in key states that will likely be spent by next Tuesday.

Also discussed was Trump’s schedule of upcoming events and where they might have the opportunity to disrupt them.  This is where Rove turned to McConnell and Ryan and asked them to call President Obama for a favor when Trump would be in Chicago tonight.

They wanted Trump’s victory tour silenced and his message of being a “Uniter” discredited.

Obama owed both of them for having advanced his agenda with only the usual appearance of objection and liked the idea of reuniting his old gang again.  For the old community organizer it was a chance to enlist his friends and agitators at the University of Chicago.

The result that we saw tonight leaves the University of Chicago with a black eye.  Colleges are nothing but indoctrination centers if the open exchange of ideas and opinions aren’t welcomed there.

No one will be dissuaded from voting for Trump who was already supporting him.  It’s likely that those who have been undecided but don’t want to be identified with the ignorant students who disrupted the Trump rally, one of whom actually held up a sign that read, “sorry for the inconvenience but we’re trying to save the world,” will gravitate towards supporting Trump.

The country will be more divided if this continues which may not be a bad thing in the end.  The useful idiots who protested tonight will have to come to terms with the fact that they actually supported the establishment wings of both the Republican and Democratic Parties that have ruined their futures. 

One more time, Useful Idiots.