ROMNEY WORDSWORTH –  Euro-centrism is a well deserved, well supported, world view. If not for the West, the whole world would still be sitting in mud huts, crapping into holes dug into the ground, bathing in rivers, and washing their grass skirts in streams. And liberals would be talking about spear control laws.

In defense of Western Civilization, and the Judeo-Christian religious and cultural heritage, extremism is no vice, and moderation is no virtue, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater.

Our real life President, al-Barack Hussein Obama (did you know that al-Barack was the name of Mohammed’s favorite horse?) has, in the aftermath of the Massacre in Paris, announced that he continues to support the importation into America of 65,000 so-called Syrian refugees, he quietly released 5 more Al-Qaeda fighters from Gitmo, and he kept the White House in darkness, rather than light it up in the French tri-colors, as he lit it up in the rainbow colors of the LGBT movement after the Supreme Court manufactured a right to same sex marriage.

Lord Barry doesn’t give a damn anymore.  He doesn’t give a damn about America’s safety, or security.  He doesn’t give a damn about how likely it is that there are murderous Jihadis among the throngs of Muslim refugees he is about to dump without warning on communities across America.  He doesn’t give a damn about how they are all Muslims, curiously, and there are no persecuted Syrian Christians among them.  Obama doesn’t even give a damn about the optics of it all anymore.  It’s just full speed ahead with the destruction of America.  Truly he is the Manchurian President, a kamikaze on a suicide mission to destroy America’s social fabric and collapse America’s economy.

Barack Hussein has dug his heels in with Angela Merkel, both insisting on accepting enormous floods of Muslim “refugees”, even in the face of the inordinate and obvious security risks.  Barack Obama is, even now, dumping Muslim “refugees” in secret, on communities across America, in the face of resistance and demands for it to stop from State Governors, Mayors, Councilmen, and We The People.  He doesn’t care about his oath of office, and he doesn’t care about his duty to keep America safe.

Even a far left socialist like Francois Hollande understood the emotion and the optics of having ISIS murder 140 people in France from seven well coordinated attacks.  Hollande condemned the ISIS attacks as an “act of war”.  He made sure that the French military was dropping bombs on ISIS the next day.  Perhaps this out of character resolve by Hollande was the result of his seeing Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front Party, waiting in the wings.  But does anyone remember the Mayor of Paris threatening FOX NEWS with a lawsuit when one of their guest analysts mentioned that there are Muslim ghettos in France that are No-Go-Zones?  Do you remember how French Authorities denied they existed?  Do you remember that it was all the liberal, socialist governments of Europe, Canada, and America that imported these murderous Muslims in the first place?

If I were President, things would be different.  I would call a joint session of Congress and give the following speech:

For fourteen hundred years, Western Civilization has battled Islam. We have called their attacks incursions, and skirmishes, and raids.  But I am here to tell you that WE…ARE AT WAR!  Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Tunis.  These were once Christian cities all but abandoned in the face of the enemy.  New York City, Paris, and Jerusalem are now put under relentless and murderous attacks on their innocent civilians.  The Muslims are at our gates with weapons bared while we hide and cower.  We retreat while they burn and decimate everything around us.  We cannot let the tragedy of Paris happen again.  We cannot cede to Islam any more ground.

To defend Western Civilization we must ATTACK!!  And we have to be committed to that attack whatever the cost may be.  We have to rebuild our exhausted and over stretched military.  We have to use the power of Western innovation to create new weapons of war to retake our lost lands and roll back the enemy. 

This will not be an easy fight.  It will cost us dearly…in resources…in money…and in lives.  Some of you may be asking why we would undertake such a crusade and I can answer you with one word:

VICTORY!  Because if it’s one thing that the Muslims have taught us is that this is an existential fight, and without victory THERE CAN BE NO SURVIVAL!

Mr. Speaker of the House, I call for a voice vote by the Congress, in the televised view of the American people, for a declaration of war not against Al Qaeda, or ISIS, or ISIL, or Hamas or Hezbollah, but a declaration of war AGAINST ALL OF ISLAM, to be waged until Islam gives up violent jihad as part of its ideology and religion, or UNTIL THERE IS NO LONGER AN ISLAM TO THREATEN OUR CIVILIZATION EVER AGAIN!

If I were President, that would have been America’s response to 9/11.  But better late than never.