If Someone Says You Should 'JUST LET IN THE REFUGEES', Tell Them About THIS GUY …

VIA| There is now more mystery surrounding the “fake passport” found alongside the remains of one of the perpetrators of Friday night’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

According to The Wall Street Journal, French authorities confirmed Tuesday that DNA fingerprints from the body of a suicide bomber found outside the Stade de France in Paris are those of a man who entered Europe in early October through the Aegean island of Leros.


NBC News added that the man was one of 198 people aboard a migrant ship from Turkey looking for asylum in Europe.

Police on the Greek island registered the man on October 3rd under the identity shown on his (fake) passport: Ahmad Almohammad of Syria.

That passport was found near the 25-year-old’s body following the attack Friday evening:

Officials believe that the passport may have been purchased in Turkey, where a black market has sprung up for individuals wishing to purchase Syrian passports in order to gain easy entry into Europe.

Because the assailant’s identity came up clean with the (fake) Syrian passport, Greek authorities let him through.

He is believed to have then taken a ferry to the port of Piraeus sometime within the next few days, before traveling north through the Balkans.


A raft arrives onto the island of Lesbos on October 16, 2015 in Sikaminias, Greece. Image Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Greek authorities also know, per the Wall Street Journal, that the man reached Croatia before arriving in the City of Lights.

Officials in Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary, however, claim that they have no information about a man using that name entering their respective countries over the last month.

There is some confusion over whether the bomber made it to Serbia, however, given that the government has confirmed that a man by the same name entered the country on October 7th – a date in which Greek officials believe that he was still in their country.


Image Credit: Screenshot/Greek Alternate Ministry of Immigration Policy/NBC News

While officials for both countries are unable to explain the inconsistency, Serbian media did report that another man carrying a passport with the same name and other details, but not the same picture picture, was arrested in Serbia on Saturday.

Authorities have yet to confirm or deny those reports, however.