If There Were A Way To Blame Trump….

ELDER PATRIOT – The sickness that engulfs this country reared its ugly head yesterday when 28 y/o Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Officer Jacai Colson was shot dead in an unprovoked attack.  Unfortunately, the senseless murder of police simply because they are members of the force has become too common and worse, is absent the outrage that accompanies the pushing and shoving that is sometimes present at Donald Trump’s rallies.

Does anyone doubt that at this very moment a left-wing radical is developing a narrative that can circuitously blame Donald Trump for the hatred that resulted in the murder of Officer Colson?  Or, that the mainstream media will begin repeating it as soon as they hear it?

Officer Colson had no contact with the suspects who fired their guns into the police headquarters from the street, according to a person who witnessed the murder through her window.  He was murdered for being a cop.

Since Black Lives Matter burst on the scene spewing their hatred in August of 2014 there has been a marked spike in un-provoked police killings.  With the aid of the mainstream media, the black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan has been celebrated as an organization seeking social justice rather than one spawning violence against police and whites.

So, while the mainstream media weaves the false narrative of angry Trump supporters prone to violence it should be kept in mind that the disruptions occurring at Trump’s rallies are the result of the uninvited useful idiots who are there only at the behest of true hate groups like Black Lives Matter and La Raza.

There is an undeniable connection between Black Lives Matter, the outright murder of police officers and the “violence” present at Trump’s political gatherings that results from selfish college students who think it is their right to disrupt the ability of others to peacefully assemble.  If everyone with a difference of opinion decided to force their way into every candidate’s rallies our political discourse would be threatened as would the well-being of everyone in attendance.

Do dissenters have a right to protest?  Absolutely!  They do not have a right to disrupt others, however.  There would be no problem with a counter-protest outside of Trump’s rallies or across the street.  They cross the line into inciting violence when they vociferously insert themselves among people trying to hear Mr. Trump.  Remove the emotions inherent in a political rally and instead picture the reaction in a movie theater if a group insisted on making a movie unwatchable by constantly interrupting the rest of the audience’s ability to watch it.

It’s at times like this when they convolute the law with a deliberately twisted moral equivalence that the mainstream media expose themselves for the political shills that they were created to be.