Ignorance Exposed: The Politics of Division

ELDER PATRIOT – Gallup has released a poll today citing respondents’ answers as to which issues facing our country are most important.  It finds Americans are split over their answers with the top four responses barely approaching the fourty-five percent level.


This is the divided electorate that establishment politicians crave because it allows them to sound compassionate on one issue while ignoring the ramifications of their policies on the other issues.

An example of this is how immigration impacts at least a dozen of the other issues mentioned by the poll’s respondents including the economy, unemployment, healthcare costs, race relations, terrorism, education, poverty, national security, and crime that together total over seventy-five percent.  Respondents to this poll also largely ignore the fact that government sets our immigration policies.  Adding government to that mix would bring concerns about government over ninety percent if properly explained.

If Gallup wanted to expose government as the source of many of the problems facing America today they could’ve followed each response with this question: “To what extent, if any, has government policy impacted your response?  But, Gallup’s only interest is in supported the politicians who divide us as this 2009 survey they did proves:


It’s worth nothing that instead of listing Whites as a single population segment as they did every other ethnic group they broke them into five different categories.  If this is significant to finding the truth why not divide every one of the other ethnic groups accordingly?

To date only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have been willing to address the fact that these issues are inter-related.  If this is the reason for their commanding lead over their Republican challengers then there is hope for putting an end to the politics of division offered by the establishment of both parties.  After all, Americans aren’t stupid, they’ve just been keep ignorant by establishment politicians, a co-opted education system, and the mainstream media.