ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The latest four polls in North Carolina all show Donald Trump surging into the lead:

PPP (D) 9/18 – 9/20 1024 LV 3.1 45 43 6 Trump +2

Elon           9/12 – 9/16 644 LV 3.9 44 43 6 Trump +1

Civitas (R) 9/11 – 9/12 600 LV 4.0 42 42 5 Tie

Suffolk 9/5 – 9/7 500 LV 4.4 44 41 4 Trump +3


As a result, the George Soros funded #BlackLivesMatter domestic terror army was deployed to Charlotte, N.C.  The professionally paid rioters blocked off Interstate 85 and staged the looting of a Walmart.  Sixteen police officers were injured overnight in a series of clashes, and there were reports early Wednesday of motorists on Interstate 85 being hurt and their vehicles damaged when protesters threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones off interstate overpasses onto traffic below.

The pretext for the deployment was a Charlotte police shooting of an armed black man.  Make no mistake, this WAS a pretext.  Somewhere in the bowels of the Soros Evil Empire there is a room where his Dark Minions do nothing but monitor the police radio frequencies of dozens and dozens of metropolitan areas in America.  These are monitored solely to search for a pretext in the right geographical area where George Soros and the DNC believe they have to shore up the ‘Rat share of the black vote, keep blacks on the ‘Rat Plantation, and blunt the serious inroads that Donald Trump has made into the black community.

Nothing about the shooting in Charlotte fits the BLM premise.  It was a black police officer that shot an armed black man who repeatedly refused clear police commands to drop his weapon.  The Chief of the Charlotte Police Department is black.  The Charlotte City Council is predominately black.  The Mayor of Charlotte is a woman and a DemocRat.  You don’t see BLM show up in Chicago, EVER.  Even though black on black crime and even Police on black shootings occur by the dozens EVERY DAY.  This is so because BLM is a wholly owned ‘Rat Party terror arm, funded by Soros, and there is no political gain for the ‘Rats to highlight the homicide rate in Chicago (higher than our casualty rates in Afghanistan), which is a political lock for them in the Electoral College. 

But the facts don’t matter.  A BLM spokesman announced to the press that BLM would be organizing a black boycott of white owned businesses in Charlotte, saying that blacks should withhold their dollars from white businesses until they get “justice”.  Huh?!?  White owned businesses had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting incident, but this makes perfect political sense for the diabolical Left:  A boycott based on race sows racial division, and racial division helps the ‘Rat Party, that peddles Racial Identity Politics.  The last thing the ‘Rats want to see is Donald Trump actually bring prosperity to their urban redoubts and achieve racial healing.  They don’t want to let blacks escape from their plantation.

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