“I’m The Only One Who Can Beat Hillary.” Duh, He Is Hillary Clinton!

ELDER PATRIOT – John Kasich claims he’s the only Republican candidate still standing that can defeat Hillary Clinton in the November election.  The fact that he’s running fourth in what is now a three-man race doesn’t seem to enter into his thinking.  Nor does the fact that the frontrunner has corralled well over five times the pledged delegates that he has seem to matter to the delusional Mr. Kasich.

Mr. Kasich points to a recent poll that shows him leading Hillary Clinton by six points as though a poll conducted eight months out has any value.  He is choosing to ignore the dynamic nature of politics that he himself has been a victim of in his fight against Mr. Trump.

There will be over three months for Mr. Trump to make his case to the American people after the Republican convention finally admits he’s their nominee.  In that amount of time Donald Trump moved from announcing his candidacy to a commanding double-digit lead over his Republican challengers.  During that same period John Kasich moved from an abysmal 2% support level to a slightly less abysmal support level of 5%.

Mr. Kasich’s appeal comes from the few robotic rank and file Republicans who still vote as their masters tell them to.  Today that appears to be slightly over 19% of registered Republicans.

“I Ought To Be Running In The Democrat Primary”

The ex-governor has so far only been able to win his home state of the 39 states and territories contested.  This is mostly because in this year of political revolution he is promising to trim around the edges rather than offering any bold changes to existing policies.  Fundamentally, he is a more pleasant version of Hillary Clinton.  He has joked that “I ought to be running in a Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me.”

He even sounded like a Democrat when he asked a ballot counter in New Hampshire, “Can’t you just stuff the ballot for me?”

He believes he will be able out-Hillary Hillary when we get to the general election and that may be correct but only because he is viewed as a “nice” guy and Mrs. Clinton comes off as strident and she is facing indictment.

But, for American’s who care about our lax immigration policies, one-sided trade deals, suffocating debt, and the overreach of our leviathan government a nicer version of Hillary Clinton won’t cure what ails us.  For those people, whether the winner would be Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Kasich, they lose either way.

It is precisely because of Hillary’s flaws that this election is open for a candidate who is willing to challenge the status quo on the substantive issues facing generational Americans.

John Kasich has spent this entire campaign parroting the previous establishment favorite Marco Rubio, but because his expectations were so low (and his performance matched those expectations) he’s been able to fly under the radar.  This leaves Mr. Kasich knowing that he has absolutely zero chance of being the nominee. 

In any other year the party’s elders and his financial backers would’ve convinced him to drop out by now.  But in this year, where preventing Donald Trump from instituting bold new initiatives that would benefit the American people at the cost of the American oligarchy is their only concern, Mr. Kasich is encouraged to garner whatever meager delegates he might in the hopes he can help force a brokered convention where the will of the voters can be squashed.

John Kasich remains in the race because he believes the oligarchy will reward him in some way if he successfully denies Mr. Trump the nomination.  In a society that claims to revere the popular election of its leaders, Mr. Kasich’s determination to undermine that foundational block that provides leaders legitimacy is despicable.