Will YOU Let America Go Quietly Into The Night?

ELDER PATRIOT|  As the world’s economy begins, what many of us had predicted as, an inevitable plunge into an abyss from which we may never fully recover, the voters of the United States have only them selves to blame.  Living like sailors on shore leave with someone else’s credit card in hand, Congress and the President have spent and legislated so irresponsibly that the taxpayers of the United States are now in debt to private bankers and foreign governments by approximately $1.5 million each! 

If it were only the debt we had to overcome, the investors and workers of the U.S.  might be able to find a path back to prosperity, but those we have sent to Washington to manage things have destroyed so much of what made for the core of the greatness of the United States, that even a modest recovery now appears out of reach, forgetting a return to prosperity.

A cynic could look at virtually every department within the U.S. government and make a strong case that it was established to defraud the citizenry at the least, and to bankrupt them financially and morally at the worst.  Many wise men have come to the same conclusion.

Even in our personal dealings we have been encouraged, and in many cases commanded by law by our political decision makers, to reject striving for excellence in matters of culture, religion, or enterprise.  In many instances, if not all, taxpayers have accepted subsidizing behaviors they consider repugnant from people they don’t know, where they would cut their own children off for less.  Even programs that would appear to have value require taxpayers funding them ahead of being able to use that money to help themselves and their own children.

For many of us who still believe in our Founding Principles a review of the past political century looks more like a roadmap designed to end American Exceptionalism and to destroy the greatness that we once enjoyed.

Yet, the taxpayers dutifully show up to vote to return the same scumbags to office at a rate that exceeds 90%. 

There was time in our history when this triggered a revolution.  Of course, it was a time before our schools became institutions of indoctrination and the power vested in standing armies dwarfed those of our citizens. 

The larger question for Americans to ask themselves is do they have the desire to be free so that they and their children may pursue individual greatness once again, or are they so pathetic as to hand over the keys to our failing country to bankers and foreign governments without so much as a fight?