Investigative Report Quotes Expert Election Hacker

ELDER PATRIOT – For eight years expert political hacker and election “rigger” Adres Sepulveda was a paid political operative who conducted cyber warfare for his clients throughout Latin America.

Sepulveda did everything in his power to assist his clients.  According to Bloomberg Businessweek:

He led a team of hackers that stole campaign strategies, manipulated social media to create false waves of enthusiasm and derision, and installed spyware in opposition offices.


Sepúlveda’s career began in 2005, and his first jobs were small—mostly defacing campaign websites and breaking into opponents’ donor databases. Within a few years he was assembling teams that spied, stole, and smeared on behalf of presidential campaigns across Latin America. He wasn’t cheap, but his services were extensive. For $12,000 a month, a customer hired a crew that could hack smartphones, spoof and clone Web pages, and send mass e-mails and texts. The premium package, at $20,000 a month, also included a full range of digital interception, attack, decryption, and defense. The jobs were carefully laundered through layers of middlemen and consultants. Sepúlveda says many of the candidates he helped might not even have known about his role; he says he met only a few.

His teams worked on presidential elections in Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Venezuela.


Many of Sepúlveda’s efforts were unsuccessful, but he has enough wins that he might be able to claim as much influence over the political direction of modern Latin America as anyone in the 21st century. “My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumors—the whole dark side of politics that nobody knows exists but everyone can see.”

Sepulveda was kept so busy that he had to turn down work.  When he was asked if the U.S. presidential campaign was being manipulated his response was absolute, “I’m 100 percent sure it is.”

Sepulveda did extensive work for Juan Jose Rendon who is widely recognized as the Karl Rove of Latin America.  Sepulveda is currently serving a ten-year sentence.

To those who would dismiss this story because the informant worked in Central and South America I suggest you open your eyes.  When governments control the “reallocation” of trillions of dollars from hardworking people to the rich and powerful the political parties and their candidates devolve into the same criminal enterprises as other strong arm, illegal syndicates.  This is precisely what’s going on with the #NeverTrump movement and the violent agitators that find it impossible to give interviewers specifics about why they’re creating unrest.

There is little value in trying to comfort yourself that it can’t happen here because congress has already heard testimony that direct election machine “fixing” has been going on in the U.S. for some time.

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