Is Megyn Kelly More Than Just Eye Candy???

ELDER PATRIOT – Recent actions by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly raise questions as to whether she wants to define herself as a serious journalist or to simply be eye candy with an agenda.

Her feud with Donald Trump has been no secret but her willingness to appear onstage at a Marco Rubio rally only a few days prior to the Florida primary smacks of a broader agenda and doesn’t pass the smell test for responsible journalism.  And, neither does the fact that the rest of the mainstream media gave her a pass for doing that.


This week she decided to insert herself in the spousal war that has erupted between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump when she released the following one-word tweet in an attempt to denigrate Trump:


This was in response to this Trump retaliatory tweet to Cruz:


Megyn Kelly’s need to involve herself raises question, is an appreciation of beauty a disqualification for being taken seriously?


Seriously, think carefully before answering.