Is there any security in the markets that Deutsche Bank didn't manipulate?

As more information comes out regarding the investigation into Deutsche Bank, we have to wonder if there are any securities out there that the German investment bank didn’t rig and manipulate.  That is because on top of the acknowledgement last month that they rigged the gold and silver markets for several years, on May 23 it has now been verified that Deutsche Bank also rigged stocks.

Since the U.S. began allowing corporations and banks to function outside GAAP, and mark to market accounting, many of these entities use holding companies to dump bad assets into during times when they are to report earnings.  This of course inflates the value of the bank or business, and perpetuates false shareholder values and unjustifiable bonus distributions.

But eventually all reporting, both honest and fraudulent, comes to light and it appears that securities going back to 2013 were hidden to help Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet look better than it actually was.

SEC investigating whether Deutsche Bank inflated the value of securities in its mortgage-bond trading business, masked losses around 2013, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Investigators looking at positions overseen by Troy Dixon, who at the time ran the bank’s trading for U.S. government- backed mortgage bonds known as agency pass-throughs.

SEC asking whether DB delayed recording losses on those securities over an extended period of time – Zerohedge

In an extremely ironic note, last week Deutsche Bank offered depositors an incredible 5% return on accounts holding over 10,000 euros if customers willingly allowed the money to be ‘locked up’ for the next three months.  And according to one analyst, this scheme is to help provide instant liquidity for 2nd quarter earnings with the potential that by the end of the 3rd quarter (or 3 month lockdown), the bank will simply bail-in your money when it goes bankrupt and not have to pay off any of it.

market manipulation

There is a reason why gold is up in 2016 by more than 20%, and why several billionaire fund managers are buying into the precious metals.  That is because trust and confidence in banks and central banks are reaching new lows, and the unraveling of the manipulation among them all is quickly coming to light.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for,, and To the Death Media, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.