Is Trump America’s Last Best Hope?

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has a chance to do something very special for America. He can return

the government to serving the will of the people. Governance for the benefit of

America’s great middle class had suffered a stomach punch from Lyndon Johnson,

recovered under Ronald Reagan and then has been eroding at an accelerating pace

with each successive president who followed the will of his crony capitalist global

elites financial backers. The current crop of establishment Republicans continue to

stomp on us even as we are curled in the fetal position while lying on the ground.

The result has been a government that represents the needs of the rest of the world

and ignores those of America’s hard-working, Judeo-Christian income taxpayers.

Any doubt that a Ruling Class exists in America, one that refuses to recognize the

will of the shrinking middle-class or their needs was removed earlier this week

when nearly two dozen Republican powerbrokers met with Republican National

Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

this past Monday to discuss derailing the Trump campaign at next year’s GOP

nominating convention.

The topic of the evening was forcing the brokering of the convention with the intent

of denying Trump the nomination. Attendees included Whit Ayers who is an advisor

to Marco Rubio, Vin Weber who is closely aligned with Jeb Bush, Republican

strategists and pollsters, but no one from Donald Trump’s camp.

Trump’s unwillingness to be bought, coupled with his ability to self-fund his

campaign, has thrown a monkey wrench into Priebus’ carefully laid plans for his

party’s turn to running things with the blessing of the Global Elite to which he

answers first. Last August Priebus told “Meet the Press,” “We’re going to have a

nominee probably by the end of March or the beginning of April.”

At that time the Trump phenomena was in its infancy and Priebus was counting on

the usual game plan of character assassination orchestrated by his party’s

establishment and aided by the echo chamber of the elites’ mainstream media to

derail Trump’s campaign.

Priebus proved to be correct, however it wasn’t the establishment’s wholly owned

candidate who took control of the nominating process, it was Trump who has

completely lapped the field while building a commanding 20-point lead over his

nearest competitor for the nomination. Even more alarming to Priebus and the

Ruling Class is Trump’s overwhelming lead over Rubio and Bush combined. The

most recent CBS/NY Times poll shows Trump tripling their support 35% – 12%.

What happened? The party’s senators and representatives had continued doing

business as usual which meant they had completely abandoned any semblance of

conservatism, passed liberalism, and had moved on to behaving as full-blown

socialists. They also failed to pay anything more than lip service to defending our

borders, insisting on telling us what they couldn’t do because of Constitutional or

budgetary constraints.

America’s silent majority wasn’t buying their lies especially once Donald Trump

came along challenging the establishment and promising to “make America great

again.” On one issue after another Trump proved to be Constitutionally correct with

historical precedent to back everything he said, as well.

Now that the crony capitalist Globalists are so close to achieving their goals they

cannot countenance a Trump presidency and are committing themselves to bringing

Trump down in any manner possible. That means completely ignoring the will of

their rank and file even if it leads to Globalist favorite Hillary Clinton becoming our

next president.

That’s because that’s the way the big money donors will want it. Billionaire donor

Mike Fernandez, a Rubio backer, summed it up without equivocation: “If I have a

choice — and you can put it in bold — if I have a choice between Trump and Hillary

Clinton, I’m choosing Hillary.”

While the rank and file of both party’s have swallowed the lies that elections are

about competing ideologies, the big money Globalists were busy making sure that

they could count on the candidates of either party to continue the gravy train

they’ve enjoyed feeding like pigs at the public trough.

That’s why it doesn’t matter to me, and it shouldn’t matter to you that Donald

Trump isn’t the perfect conservative. The most important thing we can do now is to

dismantle the Republican Party’s Ruling Class establishment so that the party may

be returned to representing the rank and file and not the other way around. Trump

is the only person in this race that can do that. In fact, he may be our last hope to

destroy the ruling cartel that holds us in such disdain.

His positions on the most important issues facing us hold promise for an American

future that you would be happy to pass to your children. Is there anyone that thinks

he isn’t our best hope to return our country to economic growth and job creation,

balanced budgets, debt reduction, and the protection of America’s sovereignty? Just

as important, ask yourself who among the party’s favorites you would trust to do

accomplish any of those things? Frankly, the establishment politicians are the ones

responsible for the mess we find ourselves in.

If we allow the Republican Party to determine our presidential nominee through a

series of backroom maneuverings intended to increase the wealth of the rich at our

expense, we very well might be passing on our last chance to save what has always

been America’s promise for our children.