She Had A DOCTOR Give Her The ‘PERFECT BUTT’ – Do You Think She Got What She Paid For?

VIA| Aleira Avendano is a model with one very unusual ASSet…

Aleira has had 20 surgeries and spent 23 hours a day in a corset for seven years in order to get what she believes is the perfect body. Now, she says she has finally accomplished this goal.


According to Mad World News, the Venezuelan model now has a 20 inch waist, and she says “every woman should have plastic surgery to be truly beautiful.”


The 26 year-old has reportedly condensed her ribs to the point where doctors are now afraid for her overall health, and they have told her to stop wearing her corset. She, however, refuses to do this, only removing it for an hour a day to give herself a break and to wash herself. Aleira recently admitted that she loves the “suffocating” feeling it gives her.


Aleira’s 20 surgeries include four breast augmentations to get to a size 34DD, three butt implant surgeries, forehead lift, neck elongation, liposuction, two nose jobs, and the removal of all her teeth to replace them with dentures.

In addition to her surgeries, Aleira maintains a strict diet of egg whites, pineapple, fruit and meat.


Many have accused Aleira of looking like a freak, with some saying she looks like a man underneath all the work she’s had done. The model, however, doesn’t care and says she plans to get more surgery in her quest for perfection.


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