VIA| By Saturday, less than 24 hours after it was posted, the post had more than 600,000 “likes” and nearly 46,000 shares.

Not afraid to say Merry Christmas!

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Friday, 18 December 2015

Although Carson’s Christmas post said little, his supporters made up for that.

“Did anyone ever think there would be a day when saying ‘Merry Christmas’ may be taboo, politically incorrect and socially offensive in our society??” wrote Kt Fort Myers. “What has happened to make it like that, i can’t figure it out…anyways, i applaud Dr. Carson for his bravery in saying Merry Christmas publicly!!”

“This is why I like and support Dr. Ben Carson. Foremost his heart is in the right place – with God and Christian values,” wrote Eddie Zamora Bercero.

“His brilliant mind will follow and he will know what there is to know to lead this country to stand for God, for moral values, for democracy and for the US Constitution. ‪Merry Christmas Dr. Carson and to your household. ‪God bless you and God bless the USA!!!,” Bercero wrote.

Carson’s Facebook page now has more than 5 million followers to become the most-followed presidential candidate on Facebook.

Carson uses his page to share thoughts with his supporters. In a recent post, he discussed political correctness.

“We have allowed the line between right and wrong to become blurred, as if our myopic view cannot be remedied by some corrective lens – we are walking a line without the foresight of realizing that line is leading us away from reality,” he wrote.

“If we spent more time worrying about common sense solutions rather than avoiding ‘unpopular’ or ‘uncomfortable’ conversations, I believe we would be much better off. Isn’t that where it starts, with an open and honest dialogue?” he wrote.

“That is what I love about this country’s foundation: the freedom to disagree without fear of dismemberment. Liberty is not an intangible concept, rather, it is a participatory action that is best exercised daily. Stand up and speak truth,” Carson wrote.