It’s Been 33 Years Since This SIGN FROM HEAVEN Appeared, Why It RETURNED? I’m SPEECHLESS

VIA| Millions of Christians and non believers will be looking to the heavens late Sunday night as the Earth will be witness to not only a “Super Moon”, but the last of the four Blood Moons.

Many people have attached a significance to these events, because they’re coinciding with Jewish holidays. This last Blood Moon occurs during the Feast of Tabernacles. Some Christians are look at these events as a sign in the heavens that something great will occur.

Regardless if something will take place on a religious or spiritual level during this time, the Super Blood Moon is still pretty cool on its own. The last one took place thirty three years ago in 1982, and we won’t see this again until 2033.

The event is explained by Weather Nation TV

The moon does not make its own light; it reflects light it receives from the sun. During a lunar eclipse, the moon appears less and less bright as sunlight is blocked by the Earth’s shadow. As totality approaches, sunlight reaches the moon indirectly and is refracted around the “edges” of Earth, through Earth’s atmosphere. Because of this, almost all colors except red are “filtered” out, and the eclipsed moon appears reddish or dark brown. This filtering is caused by particulates in our atmosphere; when there have been a lot of fires and/or volcanic eruptions, lunar eclipses will appear darker and redder. This eerie — but harmless — effect has earned the phenomenon the nickname “blood moon.”

The “Blood Moon” portion will last for about an hour, and the totality of the event will last five hours.

Do you think these events have any more than just a scientific significance? The best answer is, “Watch and pray.”