ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Wednesday, July 6th, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday.  Let’s get started. 

The BIG NEWS:  FBI Director Comey held a press conference yesterday where he outlined how the FBI had collected incontrovertible facts:  Hillary used an illegal private email system while she was Secretary of State, and used that private email server to send or receive 110 classified emails.  That alone is a lead pipe case for prosecution, but Director Comey then went on to stress that the FBI could find “no evidence” of intent by Clinton to disseminate state secrets (even though there is evidence she directed staff to remove classified markings from emails, so Comey’s statement is a lie), even though the relevant Federal statutes do NOT require a showing of intent to be in violation of the law.  On that basis, lack of intent when intent isn’t an element of the crime under Federal Statute, Comey refused to recommend a criminal indictment.

If this has you puzzled, it should.  It means the law doesn’t apply to the politically powerful as written.  Laws are for the little people, the peasants, to follow, not the de facto royalty that walks among us—like the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Kennedys.  Like the Nobility of old, there is a different set of laws, and a different set of standards, that applies to the Nouveau Nobility.  We are officially no longer a Republic of Laws.  We have come back full circle to the Old Europe our ancestors fled from:  Corrupt Empires ruled by the whims of men.  A malevolent, oppressive form of government where tyranny is the order of the day.

Therefore, the only punishment that Hillary Clinton will face is at the hands of the voting public.  This cackling witch needs to be stopped by the voters in November.  If she gains the power of the Presidency, God help us!

Moving on past the death of the Republic, and turning to the likelihood of Clinton being punished by the voters, the latest analysis of the Primary voter turnout shows that Democrat vote turn out is DOWN 21%, while Republican turnout is UP a whopping 62%.  That is an unprecedented enthusiasm gap, and it is because America has no appetite for the Democrat agenda.  That agenda is so obviously anti-America that no amount of ad money can hide it.  The latest tweak on that subject:  Democrats have dropped the requirement that those receiving amnesty must learn English from their official 2016 campaign platform.  So, the official agenda of the Democrat Party is AGAINST assimilation by immigrants, while also ratcheting up the level of immigration, particularly from the Third World and among groups (like Muslims) that are manifestly incompatible with American customs, tradition, laws (yeah, I know, not that they really mean anything anymore), culture, and language.  It means the Democrat Agenda is explicitly for Balkanization of America.  It also includes the impoverishment of America, as the Democrats continue to steam roll forward for globalization and the loss of American sovereignty under so-called trade deals like the TPP and the North American Union.  These treaties will bury America under a regional and global hegemony of foreign, unelected bureaucrats just like the kind that Great Britain just voted to leave under the EU.  It will result in an even greater outflow of jobs and wealth out of America, and destroy American independence.


Finally, a word on Donald Trump on Trumpday.  Trump recently played the media again and tricked them into spreading an attack ad against Hillary for free.  Trump accomplished this by sending out a tweet about crooked Hillary with a text balloon in the shape of a six sided star.  Predictably, the Media jumped all over what appeared to be a Star of David silhouette in Pavlovian fashion.  But attacking Trump as being somehow anti-semitic went nowhere.  Trump’s attack was against Clinton, who isn’t even Jewish (and who, according to Dick Morris, slings anti-semitic slurs all the time in private).  Second of all, Donald Trump championed opening up his golf courses to Jews and minorities in the 1990’s in Palm Beach, tipping over the old social order. 

Once again, Donald Trump has run rings around the hapless media, getting them to fork over what amounts to a free multi-million dollar attack ad against Clinton.  Like a dog chasing its tail, the Lame Stream Media never learns.