It’s Sick Out There and Getting Sicker

ELDER PATRIOT – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has proposed raising their state’s income tax by 16%, among other steep tax increases, rather than look at ways to contract spending.  Apparently the need for austerity only applies to the working class stiffs who are constantly forced to support society’s growing list of freeloaders with a greater percentage of their earnings whenever liberals decide to spend more money.

Wolf says this won’t affect seniors because the tax doesn’t apply to retirement income.  This idiot fails to recognize the effect it’ll have on seniors when the entire system collapses.  Or, how those elders on fixed incomes will fare when inflation is used to devalue our debt.  To those who say it can’t happen here, stop kidding yourselves.


The New York Times continues to reinforce their position as the newspaper of the radical Left.  They insist on trying to drive public opinion even it requires them to make outrageous conclusions based on false premises.  Their latest diatribe cloaked as an opinion piece is aimed at Trey Gowdy who is being considered for Majority Leader by the Republican Congressional Caucus.

Their reasons for finding Mr. Gowdy such a distasteful candidate is his support for repealing the Affordable Care Act, denying federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and his sponsorship of a bill that would allow the House to sue the president for selectively enforcing the law.

On the first two issues the majority of Americans agree with Mr. Gowdy.  On the third, the majority believes in a much stronger remedy for rogue presidents.

The Times reserves their final reason for disliking Mr. Gowdy because he is leading the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  To the Times, Mrs. Clinton’s illegal, reckless, and perhaps malicious behavior requires no oversight.  The Times conveniently avoids the facts of the case dismissing it as partisan politics instead.  The Times is trying to resurrect the old playbook they used effectively against Ken Starr but it’s too late to save Hillary Clinton.

The people have shown they will no longer be fooled by the Times with close to 60% of the people having an unfavorable rating of Mrs. Clinton precisely because of her irresponsible and illegal handling of those classified emails.  If they’re ever recovered, they are likely show she left those four young Americans to die in order to ensure 400 stinger missiles reached the terrorists.

The fact is Gowdy’s committee is increasingly likely to turn up significance evidence of both Hillary and Obama’s involvement in a lot more unacceptable Middle East actions than only what happened one night at our Benghazi embassy.


The University of Manchester has banned Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos from participating in their debate on… free speech.  Huh?


Joe Biden is running around crying that Hispanics are taking a beating at the hands of the GOP presidential candidates.  He couldn’t sound like a bigger ass if he tried.  Biden is trying to use the same game plan to sucker Hispanics into lives of government dependency as his Democrat predecessors successfully employed on Blacks. The Hispanics I know are smarter than that and have rejected the Democrat’s dogma in favor of lives of self-dependency.


Now the Democrats, led by Florida moron Alan Grayson are filing ethics probes against the Republicans who are investigating the ethics violations of the Democrats.  Grayson, whose next cogent statement will be his first, is the ultimate partisan hack. 

Frankly, we’ll all be better off if they’re all too busy over the next 16 months pointing fingers at and investigating each other, and have no time to pass any more damaging legislation. 

This is just more proof that they all need to be replaced. 


Well, well, well.  It’s now public news that Hillary Clinton hired a second IT firm to back-up her email server while she was Secretary of State. 

Datto Inc., provided Mrs. Clinton with cloud-based storage on top of the server-based storage provided by Platte River Networks that we already knew about.  It’s becoming apparent that the top-secret information that was under Mrs. Clinton’s control was stored everywhere but where it was supposed to be by law.  At this point it’s fair to assume that it’s also stored on data systems in China, Iran, Russia and everywhere and anywhere except on the State Department’s servers. 

Somehow I know the Republicans are at the bottom of all of this.  Just ask Alan Grayson.


Bahar Mustafa, a diversity coordinator at Goldsmiths University in London seems to have missed the point of why she was hired.  She recently sent out this endearing tweet: