PAT BATEMAN – If anyone deserves/needs a win right now it’s Joey & Rory Feek.

Every parents life is comprised of a series of milestones and without a doubt one of the most memorable is watching your baby attempt to bathe themselves for the first time. This adorable little scene came as a huge surprise for Joey!

Joey had questioned weather or not she would be lucky enough to get to witness her baby daughter’s most treasured and adorable moments.  Thanks to God,  she got to see this amazing scene and there is no question her heart is not the only one it melted!


Baby Indy is rapidly approaching her second birthday now and like most little monsters is fascinated with trying to bathing herself and the images the Feek’s captured of her trying could not have been more precious!


Knowing that everyone loves to see such an adorable little kid with such a wide smile, the Feek’s decided to share these images on their Facebook page.

If you are having a rough day, take a deep breath, look over these photos and try to remember when this was you trying to help your most precious family member clean up after a long hard day of playing in the mud.

Sure, giving and receiving expensive gifts is nice, but what Christmas is really about is thanking God for all the blessings he has provided us with, the most valuable of which are our children.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to tell your children how much they mean to you.  Before you know it will be too late.  May God Bless You All.