PAT BATEMAN – Rory Feek posted on his blog this past week to share his sense of excitement in anticipation of the Christmas season regardless of his wife’s cancer.

The American sweetheart shared a post about going to his wife’s childhood home, and explained how 2 months before Christmas the home was always already decked out to the 9’s with Christmas cheer!

This is what Rory Feek Had to say about the rapidly approaching Christmas season,

“My wife knows I love Christmas. There’s a magic that’s in the air that isn’t there any other time of the year. Christmas does what no amount of New Years resolutions or self-help books can do… it changes people. It brings out the very best in us and in others.”

Later he shared this emotional music video the pair had made  5 years earlier in a home full of Christmas decorations.

It’s Christmas Time – Joey+Rory from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

God has surrounded the Feek’s with a community full of support and love.  Pizza King, a local restaurant, went so far as to give a amazing package of gifts to Joey and Rory’s near 2 year old daughter.

“Joey’s sisters and I opened the bag and realized that those nice folks had bought and wrapped 25 separate presents for Indiana to open. One each day from December 1st, all the way through Christmas. What a beautiful, thoughtful thing to do.”


Rory also shared a brief, positive, update on the condition of his husband.

“Joey’s still feeling pretty good. Really good actually. We’ve been able to keep her pain under control for the most part and her spirit is just as positive as ever.”

We are keeping the pair in our thoughts and prayers as Christmas approaches.  Her progress shows God has been listening to the prayers of millions of yearning for Joey to make a full recovery.  Her progress shows that no matter how busy God is these days, he is always listening.

Please be sure to kiss your loved ones tonight and let them know how much they mean to you, you never know when your last chance to show them you love them will come.  God bless