VIA| Socialism is not a new concept in this country. It’s been hiding its ugly face under the ruse of leftist policies for years. In fact, it’s so ingrained that even Democrats themselves can’t tell the difference between the two. Now that we have one of many open socialists running for president, this glorious Judge Judy moment is as relevant as ever. (We apologize for the quality of this video, but the content is so good, we just had to share it).

It’s clear in the video that Gebhardt, the whiner getting blasted into oblivion, feels shamelessly entitled to the money and success of her “friend.” Why? Because Gebhardt has five children (and a dog!) and her pal only has two children and drives a BMW. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s the same “it isn’t fair that you’re successful and poor people aren’t” narrative that the left keeps peddling. Judge Judy doesn’t buy into that.

I assume if you hadn’t made five children you’d have a job, you’d work full time, and maybe drive around in a BMW. Instead what you chose to do is, you chose to have a gaggle of children. That was your choice… Your choice to have a lot of kids, she chose to have two, have a job, drive around in a BMW. What is that your business?

Boom. So what did Gebhardt say in response?

It’s not my business, but she had the money to give to me!

This is a beautiful parallel to how the left thinks. They claim that what someone else does isn’t anyone’s business. It’s nobody’s business if you’re gay, if you have an abortion, or even if you’re an illegal immigrant. But if you commit the cardinal sin–having money–it’s EVERYONE’S business. They are “guardians of the poor” (read Yes, Democrats Need You to Stay Poor and Helpless).


Candidates like Bernie Sanders want to cater to this kind of thinking. The math may not entirely add up, but he’s willing to bet your money to find out. It’s for the sake of the poor, disadvantaged, non-BMW drivers out there. Think of the people!