PAT BATEMAN – This used to be time of year we are able to blast Christmas songs as loud as we please without apology.  However, considering this is 2015 and everything offends everyone, rocking out to Christmas songs is destined to be on the list of ‘offensive’ things liberal idiots love to complain about.

Jordan Smith was picked on for choosing to sing Christian songs through out his time on ‘The Voice’ competition. It’s tragic to watch the very fabric of our society and what once made it so exceptional being attacked openly  and often and never seeing anyone stand up for what is right!

Yes, Christmas songs are fun and pleasant to the ear but have you ever actually stopped to listen to the words and their meaning? Silent Night, Joy To The World, O Come Emmanuel, all these songs are about recognizing and appreciating our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST!

Jordan Smith, the most recent winner of ‘The Voice’, is well aware of this and is not scared of singing these tunes even louder when critics try to get him ‘tone down down the Jesus stuff’. It’s not just haters, his coach, Adam Levine, thought singing, “Mary Did You Know?” was a bad idea. Even after the rock star’s ‘warning’ Jordan stuck to his guns and the song ended up being the very reason he was able to win the competition. 

While the world is doing their very best to ignore and even denigrate the very core meaning of Christmas … JESUS CHRIST …  Jordan decided to embrace his faith and because of this bold move we was crowned as the winner of ‘TheVoice.’

The clip of Jordan Singing, Mary Did You Know, will end up having tens of millions of views and will be remembered and viewed for generations to come.

May God bless Jordan for having the courage to do what he knew in his heart to be right while the rest of the world told him it wasn’t ‘cool’.  ToTheDeathMedia.com wants to THANK EVERYONE who has the courage to proclaim their faith and sing these worship songs at the top of their lungs! If there is one thing the world needs more of right now … it’s people like you!

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