Just When You Thought Hillary Couldn’t Be Anymore Evil She Does This

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s entire life has been about consolidating power in her obsession to one day become the first female president.  Whatever or whoever got in her way wound up the worse for it.  Now, at sixty-eight years of age what may be her last viable campaign is slipping away from her and be assured she will not go quietly into the night.

Faced with quickly evaporating poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire,


Mrs. Clinton has concluded that winning South Carolina will be crucial if she hopes to reverse her fortunes lest Bernie Sanders momentum become unstoppable.  She will do anything and promise anything to South Carolina Democrats no matter the potential cost to taxpayers, nor the unlikelihood of being able to deliver.

So, with Blacks comprising 50% of South Carolina Democrats Mrs. Clinton is readying her arguments for Racial Reparations to serve as a last ditch Hail Mary using your money to court Black voters.

Even Bernie Sanders acknowledged there is virtually no stomach in Congress for such foolishness, especially after spending twenty trillion dollars on social welfare programs and forcing quotas, set asides, and affirmative action on America.  Mrs. Clinton has weighed her personal options and has decided to ignore the racial divisiveness this will cause as long as it will help her get the ignorant to vote for her in her effort to win one state.

This is not leadership.  This is Obama 4.0.