VIA| It appears the money line from Saturday night’s Democrat debate was when Hillary Clinton ignorantly — and with true delusion — stated, “the U.S. is where we need to be in the fight against ISIS.” Folks, that would be like General George Custer telling his 7th Cavalry troopers, “Men, we are right where we need to be to fight Sitting Bull and the Sioux nation.” Uh, perhaps I need to explain that comparison to progressive socialists since they have little knowledge about American history. Then again, they probably do know what happened at the Little Big Horn since Americans were massacred. Clinton’s statement surely disqualifies her from being the commander in chief. There’s only one way to deal with Islamic terrorists.

As reported by Fox News, “Samir Kantar, the longest-held Lebanese prisoner in Israel, has been killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a residential building near the Syrian capital, the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group said Sunday.

Hezbollah said Kantar, known in Lebanon as “The Dean of Lebanese Prisoners” for spending nearly three decades in Israel, was killed along with eight others in the strike in the Damascus suburb of Jaramana Saturday night. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV aired footage of what it said was the residential building targeted in Jaramana Saturday night. The building appeared to be completely destroyed.”

Now of course the liberal progressive left will condemn Israel but perhaps we should understand a couple of things first. Number one, Hezbollah is a proxy Islamic terror army of Iran, led by the vitriolic cleric Hasan Nasrallah. They are a capable force. Hezbollah is supporting Assad and participating in combat operations in Syria. They’ve declared their goal of destroying Israel.”

Secondly, exactly who is Samir Kantar?

As the report lays out, “Kantar was imprisoned in 1979 in Israel after he was convicted of murder in an attack that left an Israeli policeman, a father and his two children dead. He was long wanted in Israel for the attack considered one of the grisliest in Israeli history.

Kantar and four Hezbollah guerrillas were freed in 2008 in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah in 2006, whose capture sparked a 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah.

He was sentenced to three life terms after he and three other Lebanese infiltrated Israel in 1979 and staged an attack in the northern coastal town of Nahariya. An Israeli court convicted Kantar of killing a policeman and then kidnapping a man and his 4-year-old daughter and killing them outside their home. Israel says Kantar, who was 16 at the time, brutally beat the girl to death by bashing her head with a rifle. He denies this, saying the girl was killed in the crossfire.

As the attack unfolded, the girl’s mother hid inside a crawl space inside their home and accidentally smothered their crying 2-year-old daughter, fearing Kantar would find them.”

Kantar was welcomed as a “hero” in Lebanon upon his release, and Bashar Assad awarded him Syria’s top medal…that’s how Islamists regard a child killer. Not only do Islamists use their own children as human shields, they certainly have less regard for “infidel” children.

In America, President Obama refuses to go after ISIS in Raqqa because he’s so concerned about collateral damage. Apparently, Prime Minister Netanyahu does not share that concern. I think we all now know what was discussed when Netanyahu visited Putin in Moscow.

You see, that is the essence of a leader, someone who knows how to display resolve and commitment to his nation. It’s obvious Netanyahu made it clear that Israel would venture into Syria and attack any identified terrorist threat.

And I can just bet I know what Putin said: ok. Vladimir Putin is a man whose nature is that of a bully and he’ll to attempt to get away with as much as he can. And that’s especially the case when he’s facing abject weakness — as in Obama.

And if y’all think anything would be different with Hillary Clinton, remember she’s the one who gave the Russian foreign minister a cute little yellow toy with a red button and called it a “reset” with Russia. And just how has that worked out?

The story of Samir Kantar is simple. Islamic terrorists start early — he was only 16. They are brutal savages — he bashed in the head of a four-year-old girl.

Western civilization is rooted in a sense of justice and civility, but Islamic terrorists exploit this and see us as weak — hence why they championed Kantar upon his release. But Kantar did not seek to reform his ways, no, he continued along the path. This is an ideological battle for the survival of liberty and freedom, and here we are welcoming this mindset into our respective nations. This is why I say no military-aged single males should be allowed entrance — sovereignty means you protect your people.

We continue to have individuals such as Obama and Clinton who wish to browbeat us into submission by dismissing the enemy. We need leaders like Netanyahu who browbeats the enemy into submission by dismissing the incessant noises from cowards. No rules of engagement that provide sanctuary. Go after them, and kill them where they are — and perhaps people will stop harboring them.