KARMA: Someone Just Shot The Cop Who Raped Handcuffed Teen

VIA| – Remember Officer Jackie Neal, formerly of the San Antonio Police Department? Officer Neal was arrested after sexually assaulting a handcuffed teenager in the back of his patrol car back in 2013. Now, in an unexpected turn of events, Officer Neal has been shot.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office says that Officer Neal was shot in the neck last night and is in critical condition.

Local KSAT says that the shooter was a female, 46, who lived with him in the same home. There was not statement on the exact motive for the shooting, but she was apparently taken into custody without incident, indicating that she had a problem with Neal specifically, and was not simply lashing out violently at anyone and everyone around her.

This has led many to speculate on a connection between the shooting and the officer’s actions for which he was arrested.

Neal still has the sexual assault charges to face in June, regardless of having just been shot in the neck.

Far from speculation, police sources told local KSAT that the shooting “might” have been related to the upcoming court appearance and charges facing Neal.

Watch the report on the incident where Officer Neal raped a handcuffed teen…