ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – There is a curious thing amiss in the case of Kim Davis, the local county clerk in Kentucky who was locked up by a Judge for four days as a result of her continued refusal to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, on grounds that it would force her to violate her Christian religious beliefs.  Ms. Davis is an elected office holder.  She is not a bureaucrat employee of the county.  This is a huge difference and it goes to the issue of Legal Standing.

Legal Standing to bring a lawsuit is an element familiar to lawyers, but can be somewhat esoteric to laymen.  What it means is that the law provides who, as a class, has “legal standing” to bring a lawsuit against someone, and for what reasons.  Perhaps you have heard before that Taxpayers are held to NOT have legal standing to bring a lawsuit against the government for laws or policies that are harmful to taxpayers.  Similarly, you as a citizen do NOT have legal standing to force a public official to do their jobs.  You read that correctly:  You do not as a citizen have legal standing to sue your Mayor for failing to keep civil order (sorry, residents of Baltimore), you do not as a homeowner have legal standing to force your town to follow their own Zoning laws, and you do not have standing to sue Barack Obama, your President, for his refusal to enforce the Southern Border, or for his actions which have stood down the Border Patrol.  You do not as a taxpayer or as a citizen have legal standing to sue an elected Sheriff (or even an unelected policeman) for failing to respond to a 911 call.

You also, as a taxpayer or as a citizen, do not have legal standing to sue your city council for running a sanctuary city that flouts Federal immigration laws.  Isn’t it odd that the City Council of San Francisco and Barack Obama get to refuse doing an “important function” of their elective offices, but the weight of the Judiciary is immediately brought to bear on an obscure elected County Clerk?

So how is it that a homosexual couple had legal standing to sue Kim Davis, an elected office holder, for refusing to issue marriage licenses?  An elected official normally has governmental immunity from claims by citizens that they failed to perform their jobs, or a particular job function, or that they did a poor job of it.  The remedy to misbehaving elected officials is impeachment, or failing that, a recall election, or failing that, the wrath of the voters at the next regularly scheduled election.  It is my understanding that Kentucky has no procedure on the books for impeachment of a County Clerk, or for a recall election (doubtless because nobody ever considered the office of County Clerk to be important enough to warrant such special elections or impeachments).  It reeks of corruption, to me, that a Federal Judge conveniently found that a homosexual couple would have legal standing to sue an elected County Clerk for the act of refusing to issue a marriage license.  Clearly, the rules governing legal standing were trashed in order to push through a political agenda.

And what agenda is that?  The homosexual lobby is very worried.  They are very worried that many others will be willing to step forward and join Kim Davis in drawing a line in the sand, and refuse to violate their religious beliefs as a result of a political diktat issued from the Supreme Court beyond its paygrade.  This avenue for civil disobedience to the New Immorality being pushed by the Obama Regime is a very real threat to those who would remake the social fabric of America.  What if it turned out that Ms. Davis’ civil disobedience was reflecting the popular will?  What if the voters, instead of punishing her for not issuing licenses to homosexuals, actually returned her to office in the next election by an even greater margin of the vote?  It would be unthinkable for the New Totalitarians to allow such an affront, much less such an act of political self-rule.  That is why there was the lightning fast counter-attack against Kim Davis.  That is why normal rules of civil procedure have been trampled.  Anything it took to put up the image of Kim Davis being frog marched to jail, the vast machinery of the security-police state was rolled out to make it happen, and make it happen quickly.  The forces of the New Immorality are now hoping that the grim example of Kim Davis will keep other Christian officer holders cowed into silence, and into submission.

The greatest outrage is that there are not supposed to be “religious tests” in order to hold public office.  But that is exactly what is now being put into place.  A new State Religion that all office holders, and all government workers, must submit to, or risk losing their office or their jobs.  While the new State Religion is in flux and rapidly metastasizing, two points are clear:  Endorsement of Homosexuality, and of Abortion.  This new religious test isn’t limited to government bureaucrats, either.  Those in the medical profession, who are all being subsumed into the evil blob of Obamacare, are being forced to participate in abortion procedures.  Religious organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor are being forced to buy abortificents.  Next will be the realm of Education.  Common Core will force all teachers to join in the celebration of the homosexual lifestyle, and force them to teach a curriculum that showcases homosexual sex techniques and advocates the homosexual lifestyle.  It has already started in the State of California.

Ultimately, the End Game of the Homosexual Lobby is the destruction of the Christian Churches themselves, or at least any that remain true to the Word of God.  This will be done by labelling the Bible as “hate speech”, and Christian beliefs as discriminatory.  Any Christian Church that refuses to perform same sex weddings will be labeled by the government and their agents like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Media as “hate groups”.  This will form the legal basis for the Federal government to take away the tax exempt status of any church that doesn’t bend to the New Immorality.  Once that happens, such a church can be taxed into oblivion.  The power to tax, after all, is the power to destroy.  The Homosexual Lobby is quite candid in their plan to destroy Christianity and the Christian Churches in America.  Kim Davis is just the latest speed bump on the road to this Dystopian future.  The first were the hapless photographers and bakers who refused on religious grounds to have to participate in a homosexual wedding.  They will not be the last.