King Barack Decrees DESTRUCTION of 1.4 MILLION AMERICAN Manufacturing JOBS

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Obama Regime, via the EPA, has amended the National Ambient Air Quality Standards to reduce the levels of ground level ozone found in factories.  Starting October 1st of this year, the EPA will now enforce air standards that reduce the level of ozone from 75 parts per billion to 65 parts per billion.

Why should you care?  Because, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, this one new rule is going to destroy 1.4 million American manufacturing jobs.

Is this change necessary?  Is there a crisis in air quality due to ground level ozone?  Not at all.  Under the 75 part per billion standard, ozone levels have already dropped a full 33% from where they were in 1980.  During the same period, global ground ozone levels increased TEN FOLD.  The lower standards will achieve NOTHING, because the smokestacks of China and Japan are releasing ozone at levels hundreds of times greater than what is released by American manufacturers.  American manufacturers already spend $700 billion a year complying with EPA mandates.

While cleaner air is all well and good, how clean is clean enough?  Ozone levels at 75 parts per billion pose no measurable health risk to anyone.  There is such a thing as the Law of Diminishing Returns:  At a certain point, the cost of the miniscule gain is vastly outweighed by the enormity of the cost.

Significantly, the 65 part per billion standard is estimated to be technologically unattainable by the American ceramic tile industry.  The tile industry is hanging on by its fingernails right now due to foreign competition.  Foreign manufacturers bear very little of the regulatory and tax burden faced by American manufacturers.  Add bathroom tile to the growing list of products that are no longer made in America.

Other industries that will be hardest hit include pharmaceutical companies, farming, and the auto industry.  1.4 million jobs are going to be lost, putting 1.4 million Americans out of work.  $1.7 trillion will be lost in productivity by 2040.

King Barack doesn’t care if America’s manufacturing base is gutted, and he doesn’t care about American national interests.  King Barack doesn’t care how much the peasants suffer.  King Barack doesn’t care what happens to you.