Latest Poll Finds Trump Dominating New Hampshire

ELDER PATRIOT – “It’s not an earthquake, yet…But the political ground in New Hampshire is moving.”  So says WHDH from Manchester, N.H.   The reason for their excitement is the most recent poll showing Marco Rubio overtaking Ted Cruz for second place by a whopping 1 percent except that according to the two polls previous to this one Rubio had exactly the same lead.

It’s true that Boy Mario has picked up 4 points over the last few days but then so has Cruz.

How this can be spun as a Rubio surge is unfathomable especially considering that Cruz’s austere brand of Constitutional Conservatism isn’t expected to play well in the Northeast.

Oh, and Donald Trump maintains his biggest lead to date, 21 points, with almost triple the support that Boy Mario currently has.  The four pro-amnesty and pro-immigration establishment candidates, Rubio, Kasich, Bush and Christie would have to fall in together in order to overtake Trump at this point.  With four days remaining until the primary that’s highly improbable.

Much has been written and said about where Donald Trump will be able to find more support.  With anti-immigration candidates totaling over 60% there’s plenty of fertile ground for Trump to make-up.  The media should be asking where Boy Marco is going to find support beyond the eventual withdrawals of Kasich, Bush and Christie.

Then again they may be conditioning the people to accept a Rubio win as a result of computer-generated fraudulent results.