Latest Presidential Poll Shows Crumbling Support For The Oligarchy

ELDER PATRIOT – The latest Reuters Presidential Poll (Jan. 12, 2016) shows Donald Trump almost tripling his nearest challenger Ted Cruz.

Jeb Bush has climbed back into third place with 10.6% of the support from the Republican rank and file, just over one-quarter of the support they give to Trump.

Jeb’s rise has sparked hopes in the party’s establishment Oligarchs that they can use the mainstream media to convince people he is “surging” and is worthy of a second look by the voters.  It won’t work because they don’t believe it themselves.

The only thing that Jeb’s rise shows is a shuffling of support for the Oligarchs chosen candidates.  Their candidates, Jeb, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie have been steadily losing support as their disconnect with average Americans is being exposed.

The Reuters Poll from December 4th had the three establishment candidates with 27.6% support combined.  In the poll they just released their combined support has dropped to 21.6%.  That’s a loss of 6%.  The Ruling Elite know they cannot win by expecting any of Trump’s, Ben Carson’s, Ted Cruz’s or Carly Fiorina’s support to suddenly become establishment sycophants.

Meanwhile, the same two polls show Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina having gained that 6% and slightly more support.  They have moved from commanding 60.3% of the vote on Dec. 4th to 66.4% now.


Trump and Cruz have climbed 4 points and 5.7 points, respectively.  Bush is going nowhere because the people have overwhelmingly rejected his politics of maintaining the status quo.


America has awakened.  It is almost impossible to envision a scenario where the Ruling Oligarchy can put the genie back in the bottle.  They have so overplayed their hand that the Oligarchy will have to thwart the will of the people in order to retain their stranglehold on power.  Whether they choose to create a crisis in order to circumvent holding the elections remains to be seen.

If they don’t, the only question that remains, even at this early date, is whether the rank and file will finally coalesce around Trump, Cruz or Carson.