Less Than 24 Hours After Being Set Loose, DELTA FORCE Inflicts MAJOR LOSSES on ISIS

VIA| Less than 24 hours after Secretary of Defense Ash Carter confirmed operations had begun in Iraq, a top ISIS commander has been captured by America’s elite Delta Force.

Yesterday, Secretary Carter confirmed the existence of the “Expeditionary Targeting Force” and said it’s mission was to target, capture, or kill ISIS fighters throughout Iraq, leaving ISIS “to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may be struck.”

CNN is now reporting that the Expeditionary Targeting Force, led by Delta Force operators, has already captured at least one high ranking ISIS commander during its’ first series of missions after spending several weeks on the ground developing intelligence.

The plan now is to develop new intelligence from the raids and interrogations to develop targets for follow-up missions.

Last year, Navy SEALs and British SAS commandos killed key ISIS figure Abu Sayyaf and captured his wife (who he was hiding behind) during a raid in Syria. U.S. officials have said the quality and volume of intelligence gleaned from her lead them to form the special targeting force.