PAT BATEMAN – America might be under the impression that the Denver Broncos were the victors of Super Bowl 50, but the actual champion is someoneI bet you have never even heard of – and he is just as worthy of the hype and praise as Peyton Manning.

Regardless of the fact that the Carolina Panthers lost by 14 points, a victory worth more than any trophy is being celebrated by one of their coaches. I’m sure that after watching this emotional interview, his inspirational story will leave a lasting impact on your soul.

The moment Carolina Panthers Coach Bruce DeHaven was diagnosed with terminal cancer, everyone thought he would retire to focus on his treatments. Surprising the world, the 66-year-old refused to allow his incurable breed of prostate cancer separate him from the game he loves.

“In terms of what is happening to me, if I’ve only got a limited amount of time left, why would I want to spend it feeling sorry for myself?” DeHaven said.


Football was his therapy for DeHevan.  Coaching is so important to him that he s even scheduled his cancer treatments based on the team’s practices, and he did not miss but a single day of ‘work’ all year.

“In the end, I wanted to coach,” DeHaven said. “I just love coaching. Coaching is teaching. For whatever reason, it’s in my blood.”

Watch the uber-emotional interview right now:

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