ROMNEY WORDSWORTH|  Yesterday, December 2, 2015, a date that will live…in ignominy, the people of the United States suffered a cowardly, and wholly unprovoked, surprise attack by the Islamic Caliphate. 

What have we learned?

Lesson One:  The shooter, Sayeed Farook, was born here and was a United States citizen.  Islamic culture and ideology are impervious to assimilation by Western Civilization.  Farook had just returned from picking up a new bride in Saudi Arabia.  Again, Moslems keep to their own, and will remain an insular and isolated society bound to the interests of a foreign ideology.  Moslems will, when they reach sufficient numbers, seek to impose Sharia on the West.


Lesson Two:  Terrorists always seek out gun free zones to commit maximum mayhem.  Moslem terrorists, in particular, are the Masters of the Sucker Punch Attack, and have been since 600 A.D. when Mohammed started robbing trade caravans.  How long will we continue with the failed policies of gun control pushed by the Left, before we admit that we need MORE citizens carrying guns to defend themselves, not less?  The Left doesn’t care about our safety.  The police didn’t arrive for four minutes.  Terrorists can kill a lot of people in 4 minutes.  We need armed citizens as first responders, not the police.  The Left wants gun confiscation not because it will make us safer, not because it has ever worked to make anyone safer, but because they want more control and more power over us, and the Second Amendment stands in their way.

Lesson Three:  Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Judeo-Christian values.  Islam has never renounced the use of violent Jihad to further its aims, nor has it ever renounced its aims of world conquest.  Importing Moslems into America is only a recipe for bringing the violence of the Middle East here.  Obama and the Left know this, and this is why they are doing it.  Only by creating full Balkanization of the population can they be assured that We The People can never unite to challenge government tyranny.


Lesson Four:  Farook has been described by his family and neighbors as “very religious”.  Every Muslim is always only one reading of the Koran away from putting on a suicide vest or picking up a gun and killing his or her non Moslem neighbors.  It doesn’t matter if they have lived in a Western country their whole lives.  It doesn’t matter if they have previously been peaceful.  We let Moslems live among us at our own peril, and as long as they do we are at risk of being victims of terror attacks in the name of Islam.

Lesson Five:  Farook’s neighbors saw strange behavior, but didn’t say anything because they were more afraid of being labelled racist.  Political Correctness gets people killed.

Lesson Six:  Well organized and prepared Terror Cells are living among us in America, and can strike at any time.  Farook and his bride were well armed and equipped, with semi-automatic weapons, large caches of ammunition, body armor, and masks.  They wore GoPro cameras to make a propaganda video of their killing spree, and they left booby-trap bombs in their apartment.  This attack was planned for a long time, do not let the Left tell you that it was because Muslims are offended by companies holding “Christmas Parties”.  That is a lie, pushed by the Left as an excuse to further scrub all vestiges of Christianity from public view.  Next they will excuse Muslim terror attacks on Americans wearing crucifixes, or Churches having crosses on their steeples, or our currency saying “In God We Trust”.

Lesson Seven:  This attack will have economic repercussions.  Who’s anxious to go to a shopping mall in the wake of this attack?  This will not be the last attack of this kind, and do not be surprised if ISIS keeps up the tempo with a new terror attack every couple of weeks.  They have already sent thousands of fighters to America waiting to be activated, and Obama is letting them send thousands more among the Syrian Muslims he is settling, in secret, across the United States.

Lesson Eight:  This attack will have political repercussions.  Every minute of TV coverage of this terror attack is a free political ad for Donald Trump and his immigration policies.  Expect Trump to rise even further in the polls as Soccer Moms turn into Security Moms.

Lesson Nine:  Farook worked for the State of California.  He was a government employee, who performed health inspections.  The government cannot competently vet their own employees, and they are too incompetent to vet tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”.  The only rational security decision is to lock down our borders and shut down immigration, legal and illegal, from Muslim and Third World countries.  We our drowning in unassimilated and dangerous foreigners who are committing terror attacks, massive crime, and who are taking jobs away from Americans.

Lesson Ten:  Before any factual details were known, the Leftist-Democrat Media Complex tried to blame the shooting on the expose videos of Planned Parenthood, tried to blame the shooting on white “militias”, tried blaming the shooting on “right wing Christians”, and tried to blame the shooting on the NRA and the Second Amendment.  The Media are lying scum that will use any tragedy to further the political agenda of the Left.  When it became apparent that this was, in fact, the San Bernadino version of the Muslim attack on Paris, the Left Media then, sickeningly, set about attempting to “shame” those turning to prayer in the wake of the attack.  The Left Media are despicable, and all right thinking Americans should shun them.