Liberal policy gone wild: Washington D.C. approves paying criminals not to commit crime

First it was getting rid of mental institutions which led to an explosion of homeless and mentally ill people residing in prisons.  Then it was a push to get rid of the death penalty which leaves violent criminals languishing in jail for decades at the expense of the taxpayer.  And now in a move that once again shows that liberal legislators can’t fathom how to truly solve problems, the city council in Washington D.C. unanimously passed a new bill to provide money to criminals in the hopes that it will deter them from committing crimes.

It is perhaps ironic that the city that supports the seat of America’s government is one of the most crime ridden per capita in the U.S., and hosts some of the worst homicide rates in the country.

Obeying laws may soon really pay off in Washington, DC as lawmakers reportedly mull stipends for former criminals, just like in Richmond, California. However, only those who refrain from committing a new crime would be getting a reward.

On Tuesday, the DC Council unanimously voted in support of a bill that, among other measures, proposes to pay residents in order to discourage them from committing offenses, the Associated Press reported. The measure is aimed at reducing the crime rate in the capital, where homicides increased 54 percent last year.

If the proposal makes it into a law, city officials would pick 200 people a year who are considered to be at risk of either committing or becoming a victim of a violent crime.

The deal does come with some pre-conditions. There needs to be no criminal case pending and, to be paid, anonymous participants need to successfully improve their behavior and fulfill all obligations, as well as abstain from getting into trouble. – Russia Today

In the U.S. today, prisons and justice are some of the most expensive liabilities for Federal and State governments, with an estimated $70-80$ billion spent on investigating, sentencing, and housing 2.5 million prisoners.  And while the majority of those incarcerated are for non-violent crimes committed against no one but themselves (drug related), the industry is now so big that they have lobbies in Washington to keep fueling the need for more arrests and incarcerations.


The fact of the matter is most crimes are committed in cities that are run by liberal legislatures, and who seem to protect the criminals more than they do the victims.  And today’s new scheme out of Washington D.C. is simply another illogical program that proves that the problems aren’t necessarily with the criminals on the street, but with the criminals in the halls of power.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for,, and To the Death Media, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.