Liberal Teeth Gnashing: Matt Drudge Remains the Most Influential Person in the Media

ELDER PATRIOT – The Drudge Report serves as the gatekeeper to two million unique visitors each day who are seeking quick access to the moment’s important news and Matt Drudge supplies exactly that.  Because Drudge has the structural design to expose a story deliberately buried on page sixteen of a mainstream media outlet liberals and progressives hate the site.  Drudge simply posts a headline and a link to the story.  The Drudge Report reports no news of its own nor does it maintain any columnists who express their opinions for it.

Frustrated liberals’ claims against The Drudge Report range from the contention that it is predominantly conservative, to the site is in violation of copyright law.  Neither is true.

Vocativ has conducted an exhaustive data analysis of every one of the 28,499 links that appeared on the Drudge Report in 2015, and found they link overwhelmingly to mainstream media sources. 


All that Drudge does is take away the media’s ability to “hide” a story while still maintaining the ability to later claim they reported it later.  If the contention is that linking to the reporting of the truth is overly conservative then Drudge stands guilty as charged.  Until the mainstream media avoids reporting the truth altogether, Drudge will continue using the mainstream media to expose it.

Neither does Drudge violate any copyright laws.  He offers headlines and nothing more.  Any claim for damages based on Drudge’s format is unfounded.  If anything, Drudge drives traffic to the news sites and stories whose headlines he features driving up their revenues.

Twenty years after its launch the Drudge Report is as influential as it’s ever been with over seven billion page views every year.  In an Internet world where facts are consistently manipulated to justify political positions Drudge stands above everyone else for “outing” the truth, whatever he finds it.