Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

ELDER PATRIOT – New York City is defending itself against the wrongful death lawsuit brought by a murdered college student’s family claiming the student should’ve known the risks of being on their grounds. 

Compare this to the proposed bill that would place liability on gun storeowners if someone commits a crime with a firearm purchased from them.

To the liberal/progressive individuals and corporations should shoulder all of the responsibility while the government and government officials are held harmless by law regardless of their reckless behavior.


Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s top advisors, recently met with members of Black Lives Matter in the White House.  By their own admission BLM is a terrorist group with racist intentions having openly threatened to kill white police officers.  BLM is the black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan.

When George Bush was president he met with leaders of America’s oil companies at the White House.

To the liberal/progressive then President Bush was conspiring to defraud the citizenry in an effort to increase the profits of these strategically important corporations.  They see no such conspiracy between the Obama administration and this hate group despite overwhelming evidence that the president has been fanning the flames of racism for his entire presidency.

To put it in better perspective; what would the reaction have been if a Republican president had invited the KKK to the White House to meet with his top advisor?  How would a picture of a Republican presidential candidate unwittingly shaking hands with an avowed racist at a campaign event who he didn’t know be used against him?


Writer Jenny Morber has written a column declaring that if you’re white you’re probably a racist. 

“… from an explosion of research beginning in the 1990s, we now know that the human brain uses stereotypes without our awareness or consent. Our brains want to ascertain, as quickly as possible, whether new individuals are “safe” or “like me” or “in my tribe.” It uses stereotypes as a kind of shortcut. We are all susceptible to these judgments, and because they are so fast, a learned stereotype is very difficult to avoid.”

Missing from Ms. Morber’s analysis is the incidence of black-on-white and even black-on-black crime that underlie our rush to determine “whether new individuals are “safe.”  It’s a natural animal instinct called self-preservation.

To the liberal/progressive only Whites can be prejudiced.  The fact that a predominantly White society voted to spend themselves $18 trillion into debt in an attempt to help lift minorities to a position of equality is readily dismissed.  Since our generation is unable to repay that debt each of our children are now burdened with well over $100,000 in debt with which to start their lives. 

Of course Blacks threatening to kill anonymous White police officers aren’t racists.


Black Lives Matter is threatening to shut down the light rail servicing the Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday in order to create economic disruption. 

Wouldn’t is make sense for the NFL to take a leadership position in advance and run some ads with prominent Black players asking the group to abandon those plans?  After all who is racist here, the NFL that has created thousands of Black millionaires or the fans that willing pay their salaries?  Or, is it Black Lives Matter likely acting on the president’s orders?