Live From Iowa: And The Winner Is…

Clinton 700 Sanders 695 But…

Cruz 51,649 Trump 45,416, Rubio 43,132 Carson 17,393 Paul 8,478

… not Hillary Clinton and not Marco Rubio.

ELDER PATRIOT- After all the time, money, and effort that was put into Iowa by the candidates of both parties and their political machines it is only natural that everyone wants to make more out of last night’s results that what history and logic allows.

“So this is the moment they said would never happen.  For months, for months they told us we had no chance. For months they told us, because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger.” – Marco Rubio, Republican presidential candidate

Somebody has to tell Marco that he finished third and, that if last night’s results tell us anything, his prospects against the candidates who speak in defense of the growing voter sentiment to stop immigration in its tracks doesn’t hold much promise for growth with the voters.

The four highest finishers other than Mr. Rubio were Ted Cruz (1), Donald Trump (2), Ben Carson (4), and Rand Paul (5).  They all campaigned on closing the borders and they garnered close to 66% of the vote.  Rubio, who will forever be known for his open borders advocacy, was whistling past the graveyard while boasting about garnering 23% of the vote total.  Where does he go to increase that total?  The only thing Rubio won last night was the establishment vote.  In an insurgent election where the people are sick of establishment politicians Mr. Rubio won the first battle to be the standard-bearer for the dwindling 30% who still support them .  Give him a participation trophy.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton nosed out Bernie Sanders on the basis of six coin flips, all of which she won.  “Amazingly,” Mrs. Clinton defied the one in sixty-four odds to eke her way to victory.  That’s right, if candidates finish tied in Iowa the race is decided by a coin flip.  Had there been an even distribution of 3 coin flips for each candidate Mr. Sanders would have won. 

This is the Democrat’s version of proper electoral procedure, support is tallied by which side of the room you’re sitting on so everyone knows how you voted.  Then, in the event of a tie break out a weighted coin.

When the dust clears, the final analysis will show Cruz winning 8 delegates last night and Trump and Rubio with 7 apiece.  Cruz may have won last night but Trump, who spent far less money, showed how a smart businessman goes about allocating expenditures for the expected return.  That single delegate advantage cost Mr. Cruz millions of dollars.  Similarly, Rubio spent aggressively on a television advertising campaign only to finish third.  This is what is to be expected of those who are used to spending other peoples’ money.

For the Democratic Iowa voters who came out last night the result means little.  According to the New York Times: 

“No democratic delegates to the national convention are awarded as a result of the Feb. 1 precinct caucuses.  As in recent election cycles, the state’s delegates will be elected at district caucuses and at the state convention, which is scheduled for later in the year. The February caucuses will elect delegates to the county conventions currently scheduled for March.”

The best Sanders’ supporters can hope for is the tie they earned last night and the same 26 delegates as Hillary won with the six coin flip wins.  Watch for some Clinton chicanery when the district caucuses and state convention takes place.  This is what doubles for democracy among Leftists.

There is only one important takeaway from the developments of last night: The American people came away winners.

Because of the presence of Donald Trump Iowa Republicans came out in bigger numbers than ever before by 54% and their votes spoke loudly against maintaining the status quo on immigration.  The Republican Party has been brought back to its roots on the single most pressing issue that confronts America’s security and economy today.

Hillary Clinton was forced to react to Bernie Sanders and lurched farther to the left than she wanted to in order to remain competitive with him.  This has exposed and positioned the Democratic Party as the socialist party it has become.

The delegate count coming out of Iowa means little in any election but the razor thin margins this year make the results virtually meaningless.  Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee both won Iowa and faded shortly thereafter.  In 1980 Ronald Reagan skipped the last debate before the caucuses and lost the caucuses only to win the presidency in a landslide. 

The mainstream media will draw different conclusions to match their agendas but there is only one thing that emerged from all of last night’s to do.  The race has been defined.

The battle lines between the two parties have been drawn on immigration and entitlements and the divide is great on both issues.  This will not be a pick around the edges election and Americans will benefit greatly from that.

If this continues until November the election will tell us whether Americans are prepared to fight for their national identity, put an end to crony capitalism, and whether they still seek to defend their freedom to succeed or fail on their personal merits, or if we have become so diluted as a people that they willingly cede those freedoms in exchange for a welfare state with open borders that will render future elections meaningless.

The battle lines were never more clearly defined.