'Low Information Voters' Republican Code Words To Demonize Real Conservatives

ELDER PATRIOT – Recent Republican strategists’ attacks on supporters of Donald Trump as low-information Voters raises some interesting questions as to whom the low information voters really are.

Are these voters “stupid” because:

They believe that immigration laws are in place to protect the workers who are citizens?

They believe as Lincoln did that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” something that current panderers to a hyphenated America – rich vs. poor, young vs. old, black vs. white, Hispanic vs. white, etc., etc. – keep selling as solutions to our problems?   

They fear the threat that $220 Trillion of debt poses to our children and our nation’s sovereignty?

They strive to maintain high moral standards so that their children might do the same?

They are disappointed in a party that promises them conservatism while campaigning, but only advances liberalism while in office?

Frankly, the Republican Party’s problem aren’t their low-information voters, it’s just the opposite. 

Conservatives understand too much for the party’s leadership to be comfortable because they know:

About economics and the role it has played in bringing about world war. 

The history of trade treaties has always been the loss of jobs here at home.

That every job an immigrant takes is one less job for one of our citizens.

That every person accessing our welfare programs is draining money that could have been used to grow the economy.

That every group of people bring with them a level of crime and that groups that are here illegally commit crimes that could have been prevented by enforcement of immigration laws we already have to protect us.

That we will never achieve “a color-blind society” as long as there are quotas being enforced and laws that advance the interest of one group over another.

The Jefferson was correct when he said, “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” 

But most importantly, Conservatives have not forgotten how those they’ve elected for promising to advance their principles have done only the opposite and are now poking their collective thumbs in the eyes of their Conservative base and calling them low information and stupid.  If you’re talking about the past you’re right, they were stupid for trusting you.  It appears they won’t be making that mistake again. 

If you choose to continue your defense of the indefensible Republican party that you have built, you will find yourself fighting a new highly-energized party that will have truly Conservative leadership and with a platform that the American people are overwhelmingly clamoring for.  A look at what they thought they were voting for last two elections is proof of that.

Trump is not perfect but he has opened the door for a return to American greatness.  Welcome him into your party – as every candidate on the stage promised to do – or you risk facing a new party that just may decide show trials to expose your scandalous behavior are in order.

Funny thing about true Conservatives, they won’t sell out their principles at any price.