Man At Store Has FEELING He Should Just BUY THIS. A Few Miles Down the Road, He Sees A CRASH…

VIA| To say that eight-month-old Ryder Lockwood of Visalia, California, was been born under a lucky star is an understatement.


After having been brought back to life — not once, but twice — little Ryder is the living embodiment of a miracle.


As The State reports, Ryder was involved in a car accident with his mother and siblings early on Saturday morning. His mother, Brittany, and his siblings, two-year-old Aubreanna and five-year-old Preston, all survived with no more than scratches and bruises. Ryder, however, wasn’t as fortunate.

The first person to come across the Lockwood’s overturned vehicle was Tony Calvillo, an ordained reverend and volunteer search and rescue pilot. Calvillo was taking his eight-year-old son to a fishing derby and was uncharacteristically running late after stopping to buy fishing supplies and a knife. The fishing gear wasn’t needed, but Calvillo’s spontaneous purchase of a knife was a lucky one. As he pulled off the highway behind the Lockwood’s car, the children were struggling to free themselves from the wreck. Calvillo had to use his new knife to break the windows and pull Ryder out of his seat.  

“The funny part is I don’t really carry or use a knife, but for some reason I just felt like I needed to have a knife, and that was what I used to break the window,” Calvillo told the Fresno Bee.

Only seconds after being pulled from the car, Ryder stopped breathing. Calvillo knew immediately that the baby was dying and began chest compressions. TV Image Credit: Facebook After a few seconds of CPR, Ryder came back to life. Calvillo then handed the baby to Mike Spicer, another man who had pulled over to help, and returned to the car to help the remaining occupants escape before it caught fire. Spicer, a former California Highway Patrol officer, had seen his share of car accidents and knew that Ryder was in trouble. As Calvillo handed Spicer the baby, Ryder died again, and Spicer laid the little boy down on the seat of his truck to begin CPR again. On the radio, Spicer could hear a sermon about men filled with the Holy Spirit. Spicer prayed quietly as he started CPR on the baby he thought was past saving. Screen-Shot-2015-11-28-at-9.33.48-AM Image Credit: Twitter   As Calvillo returned with Ryder’s mother, she looked at the two men and asked if her son was dead. Calvillo says that he glanced at Spicer, unsure of how to break the bad news to the mother. Then Ryder began to cry and the two men sobbed with relief.

“We were just in tears,” said Calvillo. “We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

Ryder’s cries worried his mother, but Spicer and Calvillo knew that this was a good sign.

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Posted by Tony Calvillo on Saturday, November 28, 2015

For the men who had helped save Ryder, it was clear that something more was at work.


“That he came to life not only once, but twice— it was a miracle,” Calvillo told the Bee. “Just absolutely no doubt in my mind this was a miracle of God doing His work.”


Incredibly, doctors say that Ryder is healthy. The Lockwood family has expressed their gratitude to the two strangers who stopped and helped them, saving Ryder’s life in the process. Spicer and Calvillo, however, are still overcome by what they witnessed.

“Obviously, I have a lot of faith,” said Calvillo, “but it’s one thing to read about Christ and another thing to actually be part of — again, no doubt — a miracle.”